Pavan Gurram-Kohls

Coupon criminals be warned – scamming a store out of hundreds of thousands of dollars can not only get you thrown in jail, it can also get you thrown out of the country.

That’s what a New Jersey couple has found, after a federal judge sentenced them to prison time, restitution – and deportation.

Pavan Gurram last week was ordered to spend 18 months in federal prison, and pay $448,948.49 in restitution. His wife Vanaja Gattupalli was sentenced to six months of probation. And both were ordered to return to their native India after completing their sentences.

The two pleaded guilty last year to wire fraud, for using custom-made software to generate their very own working Kohl’s Cash codes. Gurram, a computer engineer, devised the program, which produced working Kohl’s Cash bar code numbers and PINs. The couple then used more than 7,000 of them to buy, resell and give away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Kohl’s caught on to the scam in 2014. That’s when customers began complaining that the $10 Kohl’s Cash certificates they had earned for each $50 they spent, were being rejected at the checkout as having been used already. Eventually, all of them were traced back to Gurram and Vanaja.

In a one-year period, federal investigators say the couple redeemed 7,113 stolen Kohl’s Cash certificates to get merchandise worth a total of $223,295.23. Some of the merchandise they kept, some they sent to friends and family, some they sold online, and the rest they returned to Kohl’s for gift cards, which they also sold.

And they sold a bunch of unused stolen Kohl’s Cash online, too. In total, their scheme netted them $368,987.64 in cash and merchandise. But they owe even more in restitution, to account for the total value of all the Kohl’s Cash codes they generated and sold for less than face value. Their lawyers say the couple has scraped together all the money they have, and have returned all the merchandise they could, to pay back some $384,000 of the nearly $450,000 they owe. “Vanaja Gattupalli and Pavan Gurram have given all that they have, more than they gained, and they end this miserable chapter of their lives penniless and dependent upon a few friends and family,” Gattupalli’s lawyer told the judge.

Gattupalli’s lawyer appealed for mercy for his client, saying that Gurram was the mastermind and she was just the obedient wife, citing her cultural upbringing “that did not call for her to question her husband.” He argued that deportation is punishment enough, since Gattupalli “faces great social ostracism upon her return.”

“We did something wrong. I realize that now,” Gattupalli wrote in a letter to the judge. “I feel very sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but we realize we did. We will not do this again in the future.”

There are no Kohl’s stores in India. So once the two serve their sentences and pay the price, their pledge not to do it again is one very expensive promise they’ll have no choice but to keep.

Image sources: Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department / JeepersMedia


  1. It has nothing to do with Indian or American. Criminals are everywhere 😊 Don’t judge anyone

  2. All these stupid anthra folks needs to go out of country USA. They are really ridiculous people. They can do anything . They will spoil USA in couple of years of US government gives more freedom. Actually of this misbehave the US government should knock it immeditely otherwise all other anthra stupid bullshits do the same mistake again and again

    • Start learning how to anthra — it is Andhra..
      If you are in this country with out knowing how to spell Andhra, then you are a fraud in the beginning… All that Sambar made you think that you are not corrupt..

      Ok… Do you want the list of Tamil people that were cought in USA doing great frauds.. just google.. you will find a million… If you are int his country with out knowing how to spell Andhra, then you are a fraud int he begining..

    • srikanth dasari says:

      Please..dont blame entire India because of one dawood ibrahim or one LTTE prabhakaran or one veerappan, …similarly…dont blame entire andhra…because of this scum bag…these kind of criminals are everywhere in every region, religion and culture..dont impose his crimes to entire andhra people..

      please grow up….

      • You idiot stop using velupillai prabhakar and verapan without knowing their history. Before mentioning any names know their background you irritating creature dasari.

  3. I’m a proud American resident of Indian origin and I am ashamed of you and your lack of ethics. It’s people like you who should not only be deported but should be sent to rot in Indian jails. You must know very well what you were doing was illegal and you deliberately attempted to break the law.

    Go back, you’re not needed in a civil society. Not even India needs you.

    • srikanth dasari says:

      i agree few parts of your argument….but dont judge all indians?

      you should know…some ethical indians are ruling the world…Microsoft CEO (Sathya Naadella), Google CEO (Sundar)..etc…

      please..don’t mention your Indian are a proud american….

  4. It’s too late to regrate and shame on you being Indian you did this …
    You deserve your punishment …
    GOD Bless America😊

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