Get ready to have little Monopoly tickets strewn all over your house, car, pockets and purse again – the ever-frustrating but ever-popular game is back, at Albertsons-owned grocery stores across the country. And this year, you have a slightly-less-than-impossible chance of actually winning one of the top prizes.

Now in its ninth year, the contest’s total pool of available prizes has grown to a mind-bogglingly big $200 million. And the odds of winning a $1 million top prize are mind-bogglingly big as well.

From today through May 9, you can collect game pieces to match a set of properties on a Monopoly game board and win one of hundreds of different prizes. You earn pieces each time you shop at most Albertsons-owned stores, including Safeway, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Vons, Pavilions, ACME, Jewel-Osco, United Supermarkets, Shaw’s, Star Market and several smaller, regional stores.

(Curiously enough, Haggen is not among them. The Northwestern grocer was acquired by Albertsons last year, after a dramatic series of events that at one point had Haggen suing Albertsons, accusing it of – irony alert – trying to gain monopoly power and run Haggen out of business. So why is Haggen the only Albertsons-owned store to be sitting this one out? Perhaps partnering with Albertsons in a cheery celebration of “Monopoly” still hits a little too close to home? “Haggen is excited to be part of the Albertsons’ family of stores,” Haggen spokesperson Deborah Pleva reassured Coupons in the News. “Unfortunately, Haggen does not at this time share the same point of sale systems to be able to manage the program and offer Haggen guests the same products or rewards.”)

Anyway, if you’ve read any of the past stories here on Coupons in the News about this Monopoly game over the past several years, you know the drill – winning a million bucks in this game is less likely than getting crushed by a vending machine, or getting struck by lightning while simultaneously being eaten by a shark, or getting hit by lightning, on a golf course, while hitting a hole-in-one, with a winning Powerball ticket in your hand.

But if you’re the hopeful type, here’s something to get your hopes up – your chances of winning a million dollars this year are actually much better than before. And so are your chances of winning some kind of prize at all.

On your first try, your chances of getting the one rare game piece that’s needed to win one of the three million-dollar top prizes this year have increased to 1 in 413,100,000 – up from 1 in 405,166,000 last year. But you also need a “semi-rare” piece, which you have a 1 in 5,000 chance of finding. Together, that means your odds of winning on your first try are more than 2 trillion to one – seven times as difficult as hitting the Powerball jackpot.

But wait. There’s another whole set of top prizes this year. In addition to the three $1 million dollar cash awards, there are now three additional $1 million “vacation home” prizes, which are paid out in cash. So the number of million-dollar top prizes has essentially doubled, which slashes your odds of winning a million bucks in half.

So now it’s one in only 1 trillion. How’d you like them odds?

Of course, the odds get better the more you play. No one can expect to win the grand prize on their very first try, after all. So there’s always a brisk trade in game pieces, including right here in the comments section, as someone with a “rare” piece tries to connect with someone who has a “semi-rare” piece in order to split the jackpot.

If it’s all a little too dizzying to contemplate, there’s actually an even easier way to win. Because this year, someone is guaranteed to win a million dollars. Several years ago, Albertsons began holding a “last chance” drawing if nobody won a major prize. Last year’s consolation prize was $500,000. This year, the last chance drawing is for $1 million. So if no one wins the main game, you just have to enter the “2nd Chance Sweepstakes” for your shot at a guaranteed million-dollar payout.

But don’t get too focused on that top prize. There are plenty of other prizes available, ranging from a $100,000 luxury car all the way down to a $5 grocery gift card. There are also loads of coupon prizes, which can be good or bad, depending on whether you have enough interest in the product to actually use the coupon. Values range from 50 cents to $5 off, with an average value of 60 cents, which is nearly twice as much as last year.

If you’d rather have a freebie than a discount, there are plenty of those too. In fact, there are a TON of free-product instant winner pieces. Last year, there were about six million free product prizes available across the country. This year, there are nearly 100 million of them(!), good on any of more than a hundred different products ranging in value from 72 cents to $24.99.

So you may not win that million, but you have a 1 in 13 chance of scoring some free food. And that alone might make this year’s Monopoly game worth your while.

After all – isn’t collecting little pieces of paper to get free food why you started couponing in the first place?


  1. So far this year I won $5 cash 😂.
    Last year I opened around 10,000 tickets and won 5,000 groceries gift card almost the last minute at the end of game😇

  2. I have a lot of pieces I would like to trade rare or buy some if it is possible. My email is

    Thanks guys

  3. Maksim Tsakke says:

    I have the rare game piece 8Z07G for the 1 million dollar prize. If anyone has the other rare game piece 8Z08H email and we can split the prize in half 500,000 each

  4. Maksim Tsakke says:

    I have the 8Z07G for the 1 million dollar prize. If anyone has the other rare game piece 8Z08H email and we can split the prize in half 500,000 each

  5. Erwin Navarro says:

    I have the 9A04C for the $10,000 4 wheeler prize from albertsons. If anyone has the 9A03B and wants to split $10,000 reply to my post and we can definitely do that. Thank you for your time. Hopefully on the west coast to make it easier

  6. Maksim Tsakke says:

    I have the 8Z07G for the 1 million dollar prize. If anyone wants to buy it or trade it I am willing to do so. Please email me at to get more information and if your interested.

  7. Hi i have the semi rare piece 9b10d in need of 9b07a if you have this piece we can split or make an offer or I can trade 8y15G please email me

    • Is this the missing ticket for the family vacation? I have 9b07a, along with over 200 tickets. My buddy works there so I have an endless amount of unopened tickets. I should probably open them.

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  10. Jeremy,

    Entertaining offers for my 8Y16H email me at also would love to aquire 8Y14F if anyone has…i also have doubles and triples of every common piece.

  11. What pieces are you asking for? Email me at

  12. I now have found the rare piece 8Y16H im only missing 8Y14F…..entertaining offers on my piece or looking to get 8Y14F thanks.

  13. It’s the limit of codes you can enter per day ?

  14. nicholas desantis says:

    I have 8Z07G, rare $1,000,000 piece.

    If you would like to make an offer, or have the other pieces and would like to work something out email me at

  15. I have the super rare 8z07g looking for the 8z08h

  16. I’ve got a ton of game pieces now. If anyone needs any.

  17. I have a ton of pieces – I’m willing to buy, sell, and trade. I’ll list what I need, where I’m close:
    If you have what I need or are in need of a piece for yourself, please email me

    $200 Cash – 8R40D
    $10 Cash – 9G31D
    $1,000 Cash – 8K64D
    $25 Cash – 9C15D
    $1,000,000 Vacation Home – 8Y12D, 8Y14F, 8Y16H
    $1,000 Grocery Gift card – 8L57A
    $10,000 Family Vacation – 9B07A, 9B10D
    $300 Smart Watch – 8P47C
    $5,000 Cash – 8F77A
    $500 Grocery Gift Card – 8N51C
    $5,000 Grocery Gift Card – 8G75C
    $50 Grocery Gift Card – 8V27C

  18. I have every regular piece and doubles just missing rare pieces willing to trade…email at

  19. Is there a “Check-Off” list that I can print in order to make this a bit easier? Or would I need to just create one. Thanks for any help

  20. bernice chao says:

    Looking for: 8P47C 8Q41A 8R40D 9J37B 8G75C email me:

  21. I have a few pieces I would like to trade, mi email is get in contact!!

  22. Joanna figueroa says:

    I have extra 8X18B

  23. MISSING: 8F77A
    HAVE: 8Y15G (rare piece for 1 million dollars)

    Let me know if anyone needs to trade.


  24. So, the idiots at Acme put the bonus item tag on the DiGiorno pizza in this week’s ad that was a 3 day special that ended on 2/5.

    And then they sent email on 2/6 titled “Monopoly is Back!” with no indication that it wasn’t starting until the 8th.

    Nice job, all around.

  25. What is the difference between red tickets and black tickets

    • The red tickets are probably for the employee’s game. They always have a different game going on for the employees because they aren’t allowed to play the one for customers.

  26. This is what I have so far that I am missing:
    $25 Gift Card Mall – missing piece 8X18B
    $1500 Gas Grill & Groceries – 8H72D
    $1000 Laptop – 8M54B
    $500 Grocery Gift Card – 8N51C
    $200 Family Picnic – 8Q41A
    $200 Cash – 8R40D

    I know it’s not the intent for them to make it easy, for marketing purposes, but it would be easier to look for the missing pieces instead of looking through thousands of the readily available ones.

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