If you typically use a lot of coupons, you’ve likely come across a grumpy customer or two, making comments or giving you dirty looks while impatiently waiting behind you in line. But it could be a lot worse. You could be attacked, just for looking at coupons – and in your own home.

That’s what police say happened to one unfortunate deal-seeking Middletown, Connecticut resident. Coupons, booze and a misunderstanding ultimately led to an assault, and an arrest.

It happened last Friday night, as the unnamed victim was peacefully perusing coupons online. Police say 50-year-old Theodore Charton, a relative of the victim, came home smelling “overwhelmingly” of alcohol, and didn’t like what he saw.

Or didn’t see. It seems as the victim was clicking from one webpage to the next, Charton believed the swift clicking was a sign that the victim was trying to hide something and prevent him from seeing what it was.


Police say the two exchanged words, then Charton allegedly began pushing and threatening to kill the victim.

A neighbor intervened, police were called, and Charton was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. He was released, on the condition he stay out of trouble and keep his hands off the victim, and is due in court next month.

And now he’s going to have to find a way to pay his court costs and possible fines before it’s all over.

He can always save up the money – by using coupons!

Just as long as he doesn’t get in line at the grocery store behind an extreme couponer who’s using them too.

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