Little Caesars arrest


It’s okay to be frustrated when a cashier refuses to accept your coupon. It’s not okay to scream, swear, assault the cashier, destroy the cash register, then verbally abuse the police who show up to investigate.

That’s what authorities in Springfield, Missouri say a coupon-bearing pizza patron did on Thanksgiving Eve, at a local Little Caesars.

31-year-old Gregory Kerr told investigators that he tried to use some coupons on his order last Wednesday night, but for some unspecified reason, the cashier explained that the store could not accept them. Kerr asked for a manager, and ended up getting into a verbal confrontation. The manager said he asked Kerr to leave, so Kerr did – with two pizzas, and without paying.

But the real trouble apparently started when Kerr returned a short time later. According to a police report, the cashier said Kerr “came back inside the store and forcefully pushed the cash register into her, causing her to fall to the ground. The cash register broke open, causing parts and money to fall out onto the ground.” According to a witness, “Kerr then climbed onto the counter where the cash register had been and attempted to ‘go after'” the manager.

The witness said she pulled him off the counter, and Kerr left the store for good.


As Kerr described it later, he merely “hit the cash register with his palm really hard” after he was asked to leave the store. And when he asked for his coupon back and the manager didn’t give it to him, he admitted climbing up onto the counter and demanding “Give me my f***ing coupon!”

He got his coupon back. But he denied taking any pizzas without paying for them.

Kerr apparently did himself no favors, though, when police tracked him down to his home to ask a few questions about the incident. Kerr was “immediately verbally argumentative” with the responding officer, the police report states. A physical scuffle allegedly ensued, during which Kerr was said to have “yelled profanities such as ‘F*** all you pigs’ multiple times… and ‘When I get out on bond I’m going to kill you motherf***ing cops.'”

Kerr was taken into custody and spent his Thanksgiving behind bars, on charges of robbery, assault, property damage and resisting arrest. The police whom he allegedly threatened to kill once he got out on bond can rest a little easier, knowing that he hasn’t been able to pay his $50,000 bond and remains in the county jail. His next court date isn’t until the week of Christmas, so he may well spend that holiday in the greybar hotel as well.

He can only hope he gets out before that coupon of his expires. If not, no big loss, because Little Caesars won’t take it anyway – as he’s already learned. The hard way.

Image sources: Little Caesars / Greene County Jail


  1. I bet that coupon is expired and that’s why he couldn’t get it so the last line is a zinger. If he can’t afford two $5 pizzas, he’s never getting out on bond.

  2. He could have saved himself a prison stay if he only asked before he ordered and paid if they would accept the coupon.

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