There could be a serial counterfeit coupon user on the loose in Central Pennsylvania.

Police in West Manheim Township are looking for the public’s help, in identifying a woman accused of scamming more than a thousand dollars from a local Walmart – and she may have stolen a lot more from other stores as well.

The unidentified suspect was spotted on surveillance cameras, wearing what appears to be a dark-colored “PINK” sweatshirt from Victoria’s Secret.

The footage shows her entering the West Manheim Walmart store this past Monday afternoon. Police say she filled her shopping cart and used “numerous counterfeit coupons” at the self-checkout.


Police aren’t releasing many details while the investigation is ongoing – they wouldn’t say what types of coupons were used, and on what items. But they did say that the coupons provided the suspect with plenty of overage, which she then applied toward gift cards.

So she managed to walk out of the store with a cartful of items that she got for free, with “in excess of $1,000” in Walmart gift cards for her troubles.

All the better to fund her future Walmart shopping expeditions – assuming she has to actually pay for anything.

Police believe the suspect has committed similar frauds at several other Walmart stores in the area. So she could have many more thousands of dollars worth of Walmart gift cards in her possession, not to mention many more items she obtained for free with her fake coupons.

If you recognize the suspect, investigators ask that you contact Officer Justin Seibert at 717-632-7059 ext. 108, or e-mail police@westmanheimpd.com – to help stop this coupon fraudster before she coupons again.


  1. So people are worried about one person using coupons that are counterfeit.Police resources will be wasted and tax payer money will be wasted to find this one woman, while the government and present President finds loopholes to get around paying taxes and nobody thinks of arresting him or anyone else doing the same. What a great country! If corpoartions really cared, there would be no coupons to deal with to try and beat their shamelessly outrageous pricing all for mega profits. There would be a fixed price that was much lower then currently being bandied around, while allowing them a reasonable profit. The corporations and govt. are responsible for the coupon circus. Leave the little people alone who figure out a way to try and beat the corporations at their own games.Debbi

  2. Been a long time since I coupon shopped in a Walmart but, it used to be there was a $40 limit to the amount of coupons used, before it automatically alerted for a manager. It could be 40 $1 coupons or 4 $10 coupons – didn’t matter, it was the total that mattered.

  3. You almost have to blame Walmart for this. How does this even happen? You can barely get a legitimate coupon to scan and yet she can do a transaction that results in $1000 in gift cards? Seems like she had to have insider help.

    • I agree with you that retailers in general can be doing a whole lot more to stop these activities. One idea would be a trigger in the register that required a manager to come over after so many coupons were used to understand what the heck was going on that someone was able to drive $1,000 in overage! I have to believe this is the result of high-value counterfeit coupons that are being used on low-value items.

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