Everyone is looking to save on groceries and everyday purchases these days. But coupons aren’t just for the grocery store – more shoppers are finding they’re essential when shopping online.

The savings app and coupon browser extension SimplyCodes has released its “2024 Coupon Codes Sentiment Study“, in which it found that the majority of online shoppers have increased their use of coupon codes over the past year, and even more plan to do so more often in the year ahead.

Overall, 62% of survey respondents said they actively seek out and use coupon codes for online purchases. 34% said they sometimes do, “if I remember or if they are readily available.” Only 4% don’t seek out coupons at all.

Of those who do use coupons when shopping online, more than half said they’re using them now more than they used to. Only 2% have decreased their usage, with the rest saying their coupon use is about the same. When asked why they’re using more coupons, 74% said inflation and the increasing cost of living have them looking for more ways to cut back. 56% just like saving money.

And notably, 38% say they’re using more coupons when shopping online because they’ve noticed there are more online coupons available.


It’s difficult to track the entire online marketplace to determine if there really are more coupon codes available now than there used to be. But to some shoppers, it may seem there are more coupons because they’re easier to find. While some merchants might prefer one-on-one relationships with their customers, sending them personalized deals via email or text, few survey respondents said that’s how they typically find coupons. Instead, 59% turn to Google, conducting their own search for a coupon code before making an online purchase. 46% go to coupon websites, 41% look for deals on retailer websites, and 30% rely on coupon browser extensions to alert them to available offers while they shop.

Interestingly, it seems the more money that shoppers have, the more they like to save. Households with six-figure incomes are most likely to actively search for and use coupon codes while shopping online – 70% of those making up to $150,000 a year, 79% of those making up to $175,000 and a whopping 89% of those who make up to $200,000. The lowest rate of online coupon usage is among those in the lowest income bracket surveyed – only 53% of online shoppers who make between $10,000 and $25,000 say they regularly use coupon codes when making a purchase online.

“Habits and sentiments are consistent across age groups, genders, and geographic locations,” SimplyCodes noted, with one exception – the youngest shoppers surveyed, aged 18-29, are most influenced by coupon codes, with 46% saying a coupon will motivate them to shop at a particular store. That percentage decreases with age, with only 30% of shoppers aged 45-60 saying the same.

In the final analysis, most shoppers like saving money when shopping online – and most want to continue doing so. 83% said they expect to use online coupon codes more frequently in the future.

“Online coupon codes are playing an increasingly vital role in today’s retail world,” SimplyCodes CEO Michael Quoc said in a statement. “As consumers face economic challenges, they use digital discounts to stretch their budgets and maximize savings. Brands see promo codes as a way to attract new customers and build loyalty.”

So the more coupons there are, the better off things are for buyers and sellers alike. Not to mention an online coupon code aggregator whose survey has concluded that coupons are good for everyone. And with prices for everyday purchases showing no signs of coming down – it’s hard to argue with that.

Image source: Vitaly Gariev on Unsplash

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