Like any good deal-hunter, you’ve probably signed up for various emailed newsletters and offers from your favorite companies, hoping they’ll send you coupons. And you’ve probably become overwhelmed and annoyed at all the emailed newsletters and offers that arrive in your inbox that don’t include coupons at all.

So what does a company have to do, to stand out from all the clutter? The counterintuitive suggestion from an email marketing firm: don’t put the word “coupon” in the subject heading.


A new report from Adestra offers suggestions to marketers, on how to get us to open their email. “Subject lines are the crux of an email marketing campaign,” they say. “‘Coupon’ and ‘voucher’ are out and ‘% off’ and ‘Summer sale’ are in – if you want to drive both opens and clicks.”

So why doesn’t the word “coupon” grab us like it used to? “The words ‘coupon’ and ‘voucher’ have been ruined by group buying sites and now elicit an extremely poor response,” the report says. “The word ‘coupon’ can have a detrimental effect to your campaign.”

So if you get an email that promises a “% off sale”, you may want to open it instead of passing it by. Since it doesn’t promise a coupon in the subject heading, you just might find a coupon offer inside! Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it??

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