Rory Auman

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars, accused of selling coupon books to help a four-year-old cancer patient – then pocketing the cash and skipping town.

Just another heartwarming holiday story!

32-year-old Mandy Klinkner of Somerset, Pennsylvania turned herself in last week, two weeks after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. She had been out on bail, when she apparently decided to move to California and skip a scheduled court hearing two months ago.

Police say Klinkner had sold some 200 coupon books for the Sheetz convenience store chain. Sheetz offers coupon books to fundraising groups. Individuals and organizations buy the books for $8, sell them for $10, and put the $2 profit toward their cause.

Klinkner’s stated cause was to help raise money for four-year-old Rory Auman, who’s battling kidney cancer. Rory’s parents and supporters have held numerous fundraisers to help pay her rising medical bills.

So local residents were happy to help, and purchased the coupon books from Klinkner, believing that the proceeds would help little Rory.


Except police say the proceeds only helped Klinkner.

They say none of the money ever went to Rory, and her parents weren’t even aware of the fundraiser.

“She’s four,” Rory’s mother said incredulously to Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV when the scam was discovered. “Who does that to a four-year-old?” She added that their own, legitimate, fundraisers had been suffering, and wondered whether people were skeptical that the money was really going where it was meant to.

Klinkner was arrested in October and charged with theft and receiving stolen property. She was out on $25,000 bail when she disappeared.

Meanwhile, Rory’s parents say they’re doing what they can to keep their little girl happy and comfortable, even though her prognosis does not look promising. As for Klinkner, “I hope when all is said and done, I want a meaningful apology,” Rory’s mother said.

First, though, Klinkner has a court date that authorities are ensuring she doesn’t skip. After turning herself in, she was sent to Somerset County Prison, pending her formal arraignment next month.

Image source: “Benefit For Rory Auman” Facebook page

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  1. Some believe that loss of America’s ‘moral character’ is of no consequence.
    Well, this is one of the consequences.
    In this year alone, I have seen stories about how the Bill and Hilary (Clinton) foundation and Jane Fonda’s foundation did exactly the same thing: Milking ‘charity’ causes for the personal profit of themselves, friends, acquaintances and family members.

    LOL You know the old saying: If President Clinton did it, it must be okay. (And he did a lot of things that my children found ‘admirable’. ~sigh)

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