You should find up to two coupon inserts in your Sunday newspaper this weekend, one each from SmartSource and RetailMeNot Everyday. Here’s a preview of the coupons to look out for.

In the meantime, plan for the rest of the year and check out the exclusive, official and accurate 2019 coupon insert schedule here. You can also search our coupon database for additional coupons.


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And now, as provided by Sunday-Coupons.net, here are the coupons to watch for this weekend:

SmartSource coupon insert – October 20, 2019
Acuvue $3/1 Revitalens 10oz multi-purpose disinfecting solution (11/25)
Acuvue $5/1 Revitalens 20oz multi-purpose disinfecting solutin (11/25)
Air Wick $3/1 essential mist starter kit (11/17)
Air Wick $1.50/1 essential mist refill (11/17)
Amberen $7/1 any product (11/18)
AmLactin $3/1 product exc. foot repair cream & ETS (11/3)
AmLactin $7/2 products exc. foot repair cream & ETS (10/27)
Bausch & Lomb $2/1 Lumify 2.5ml product (12/14)
Bausch & Lomb $4/1 Lumify 7.5ml product (12/14)
Bausch & Lomb $3/1 Ocuvite product (12/19)
Blink $3/1 tears lubricating eye drops or geltears lubricating eye drops or tears preservative free lubricating eye drops (11/25)
Blink $3/1 contacts lubricating eye drops or blink-n-clean lens drops (11/25)
Colgate $0.50/1 toothpaste 3.0oz + exc. 2.8oz, 2.8oz bonus and ETS (11/2)
Evolution $1/1 11 oz or 15.2oz bottle of fresh juice (12/31)
Farm Rich $2/2 Time Outs snack (12/19)
Farm Rich $1/1 Time Outs snack (12/29)
Fisher $0.55/1 Recipe Nut Item of any variety 10oz+ (11/19)
Fisherman’s Friend $1/1 38ct+ product (11/4)
Fisherman’s Friend $1/2 all products (1/18)
Nonni’s $1/2 biscotti (12/29)
Nonni’s $1/2 Thinaddictives (12/29)
Quaker $1/2 chewy (11/30)
Resolve $1/1 carpet cleaner exc. ultra (12/31)
Suave $2/2 professionals product exc. twin packs & ETS (11/17)
Suave $1/1 professionals product exc. twin packs & ETS (11/17)
Suave $2/1 professionals natural hair product exc. twin packs & ETS (11/17)
Suave $1/1 men hair product ETS (11/17)
Suave $1/1 kids product (11/3)
Suave $1/1 lotion product ETS (11/3)
Tresemme $1.50/1 pro collection shampoo or conditioner ETS (11/3)
Victoria $1/1 24oz premium pasta sauce (2/29)
Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks 8oz+ bag or 8ct + box (11/30)
Welch’s $0.50/1 Fruit Rolls or Fruit n Yogurt Snacks 6ct+ Box (11/30)

RetailMeNot Everyday coupon insert – October 20, 2019
Burt’s Bees $2/1 adult toothpaste ETS (11/2)
Burt’s Bees $0.50/1 kids toothpaste ETS (11/2)
Cerave $3/1 product exc. cleanser bar, 0.35oz healing ointment and ETS (11/9)
Cerave $3/1 healing ointment product exc. 0.35oz size (11/9)
Cerave $4/1 baby product (11/9)
Crest $2/1 multi-pack toothpaste 3oz or more exc. cavity, regular, baking soda, tartar control/protection f & w pep gleem, kids and ETS (11/2)
Garnier $2/1 Skinactive product exc. masks and ETS (11/2)
Garnier $2/1 Nutrisse or express retouch haircolor product (11/16)
Garnier $3/2 Fructis shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styling products exc. 2oz, 2.9oz, 3oz and ETS (11/2)
Gerber $5/1 infant formula 19.4oz + or supplements (12/15)
Gerber $2/6 cereals, meals or drinks (12/15)
Gerber $4/8 puree 2-pack tubs or pouches (12/15)
Gerber $2/3 snacks (12/15)
Gerber B5G1 Free Gerber Organic or Natural Glass Jars up to $1.49 (12/15)
Gillette $4/1 razor or blade refill 4ct+ exc. disposables, venus products and ETS (11/16)
Loreal $2/1 Paris superior preference, exc. or feria haircolor product (11/16)
Loreal $3/2 Paris elvive shampoo, conditioner or advanced hairstyle products (11/2)
Loreal $1/1 Paris root precision or magic root cover up product (11/16)
Loreal $5/2 Paris superior preference, exc. or feria haircolor products (11/16)
Loreal $1/1 Paris eyeliner, eyeshadow or eyebrow product (11/16)
Loreal $2/1 lip product exc. infallible lip products (11/16)
Loreal $2/1 Paris mascara (11/16)
Loreal $2/1 Paris cosmetic face product ETS (11/16)
Loreal $2/1 infallible lip product (11/16)
Loreal $1.50/1 Paris skincare product ETS (11/12)
Loreal $2/1 Paris lash serum solution (11/16)
Maybelline $2/1 New York lip product exc. baby lips (11/16)
Maybelline $2/1 New York mascara product exc. mini and ETS (11/16)
Maybelline $1/1 New York eyeliner or shadow product (11/16)
Maybelline $2/1 New York face product (11/16)
Nestle $1.25/1 bag 22oz+ butterfinger, crunch, baby ruth, 100 grand, oh henry, sweetarts, laffy taffy, bottle caps, nerds, fun-dip, gobstoppers, spree or runts (11/1)
Nudges $1.50/1 7oz+ bag of dog treats (12/31)
Nutro $3/1 bag wholesome essentials dry dog or cat food any size (11/17)
Perdue $1/1 frozen, fully cooked chicken product inc. perdue, perdue chicken plus, or perdue simply smart organics brands (11/30)
Quilted Northern $0.50/1 Bath Tissue Double Roll or larger (11/20)

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  1. How do I get a list and pics of all coupons from all regions.. I seem to be missing deals because of this.. please help me

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