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Picture it – you’re a shopper, headed to the store with a coupon in hand. You know you’re going to get a deal, so you make a beeline for the product pictured on your coupon, without even considering any competing brands. Why would you?

Now, imagine your product is one of those competing brands. That shopper had a coupon for the competition, so your product didn’t get a second glance. How can you get a shopper’s attention, and their business, when your competitor is offering a coupon and you’re not?

How about allowing that shopper to trade the competitor’s coupon for one of yours?

That’s the revolutionary idea behind Coupon Xchange, powered by TPG Rewards.

All it takes is a scan of a QR code printed on an in-store display right at the shelf. As a shopper reaches for the product they planned to buy with a coupon, the display catches their attention. Think twice about using that coupon on the competitor’s product, the display suggests. Use the coupon on our product instead!

By scanning the code, the shopper is directed to a website, where they’re invited to upload a screenshot of the competitor’s coupon, whether it’s paper or digital. And instantly, they receive a new coupon for your product, in the form of a Barcode Buck$ offer that can be scanned right from their phone at the checkout.

The shopper came to the store, planning to use their coupon on someone else’s product. Instead, Coupon Xchange has helped turn a potential sale for a competitor into a sale for you.

Coupon Xchange is able to identify a coupon’s value, its legitimacy, the item it’s good for, and whether it’s for an actual competitor’s product. If all of those conditions are met, the shopper gets a new coupon and you get a new customer. And you set the terms – you can offer a coupon of identical value, you can beat the competitor’s coupon with an even better offer, or you can set an upper limit so a shopper doesn’t try to game the system with suspiciously high-value or manipulated coupons.

And Barcode Buck$ are secure as well. They’re redeemable at more than 65,000 retail locations across the country, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, CVS and more. They can even be used online on sites like They’re valid only on specific products as designated by the brand, each bar code is unique and can’t be reused, and purchases are trackable. So you can build a database of shoppers who were once loyal to your competitors, who’ve now been converted to purchasers of your product, thanks to Coupon Xchange.

To learn how your brand can participate in this new program, visit the Coupon Xchange website for more information and to get in touch with TPG Rewards. When it comes to converting your competitors’ customers to buyers of your brand, make your competitors do the work of issuing coupons – and then let Coupon Xchange do the rest.

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