According to the latest survey from Consumer Reports, which ranks 96 of the country’s grocery chains, these ten are at the very bottom of the list.

Consumer Reports ranks them from best to worst, 1 to 96. This list flips it all upside down, ranking them from bad to really, really bad – from the tenth worst store on the list, to the #1 worst store of them all.

So, in order from bad to worst, here are the stores that more than 75,000 respondents told Consumer Reports they liked the least – with some supplementary caustic, critical comments from shoppers who’ve visited the online review site to tell us what they really think.

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10. Pick ‘n Save

Since acquiring the chain a few years ago, Kroger has been sprucing up many Pick ‘n Save locations across Wisconsin. But the refreshes can’t come soon enough for many shoppers. Consumer Reports readers gave the chain low marks on checkout speed and the availability of healthy options.

But many Yelp reviewers are a bit more specific in their disdain.

“I would shop here again, if they clean up the place. It smells like something died when you walk in,” one reviewer wrote. “Don’t understand why this store exists. Always dark and deserted, kind of creepy. Very outdated interior. Staff seem like zombies when you engage them. I only go when I absolutely have to,” another opined.

Many reviewers mentioned that they frequently find expired food on the shelves. It all led one disappointed Pick ‘n Save shopper to conclude succinctly, “Never again. Seriously. I’m done.”

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