According to the latest survey from Consumer Reports, which ranks 96 of the country's grocery chains, these ten are at the very bottom of the list.

Consumer Reports ranks them from best to worst, 1 to 96. This list flips it all upside down, ranking them from bad to really, really bad - from the tenth worst store on the list, to the #1 worst store of them all.

So, in order from bad to worst, here are the stores that more than 75,000 respondents told Consumer Reports they liked the least - with some supplementary caustic, critical comments from shoppers who've visited the online review site to tell us what they really think.

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2. Tops

Tops hasn’t quite hit bottom, but it’s close. The grocery chain, based in upstate New York, was going through bankruptcy proceedings for most of last year, which didn’t help matters. Tops got “fair” marks across the board in Consumer Reports’ survey, with one “poor” rating on prices on organic items.

But based on the reviews that shoppers have written on Yelp, they’re not coming to Tops expecting great prices and selection on organic items anyway. “Prices are beyond outrageous, whoever figures their pricing is either greedy, from a whole other state, or inexperienced and unaware of the prices at the store next door to them,” one reviewer wrote.

And it definitely doesn’t help that Tops’ main local competitor is one of the country’s most popular and well-run grocery stores of all. “This is a place you go to when you do not have time to go to Wegmans,” a Tops shopper advised. “Do not expect much.”

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