World's largest coupon


You’re not going to be able to fit this coupon in your wallet. Unless you have a very, very big wallet.

The fast food chain Jack in the Box is now the official record-holder for the world’s largest coupon. How large? Well, it’s hanging from the side of a building.

Now that’s large.

But don’t worry, you can still redeem it without scaling the side of the building and trying to tear it down.

In a media event designed to build buzz around its new “Buttery Jack” burgers, the restaurant unveiled an 80-foot-tall, 25-foot-wide coupon in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Members of the public were invited, and representatives from Guinness were there to certify the coupon as the world’s largest ever.

The restaurant’s mascot “Jack” and several helpers then dragged the giant coupon to the nearest Jack in the Box, to be the first to redeem it for a buy-one-get-one-free Buttery Jack burger.


From there, the coupon was hung from the side of the W Hotel in Hollywood for all to see – and use.

“The world’s largest coupon is an exciting – and huge – way for us to share our new Buttery Jacks with as many of our guests as possible,” Jack in the Box’s Iwona Alter said.

Since it would be impractical, and darn near impossible, for anyone to grab the coupon in order to score their own free burger, Jack in the Box is bending the usual coupon rules a bit. Photos of the giant coupon will be accepted at any of the more than 2,200 Jack in the Box locations in the country. And if you can’t make it to Hollywood, a photo displayed on your mobile phone will work – the restaurant is encouraging locals to tweet photos for others to use, using the hashtag #WorldsLargestCoupon (or you can just click on the photo above for a full-size version of the coupon).

Allowing photos, and sharing, is far more generous an offer than the one made by a South Carolina KFC franchise, which had previously offered what was believed to be (one of) the world’s largest coupons. That “coupon” was actually a billboard, inviting passersby to “bring in this billboard for a free KFC bucket.”

In that promotion a couple of years ago, the restaurant actually had no intention of really honoring the coupon. A store spokesperson said it was a “joke” and called it “a tongue and cheek way to kind of break through the advertising clutter.”

Except for the time a storm came through town and blew the vinyl “coupon” right off the billboard. A local couple grabbed it, brought it to the restaurant – and got their free chicken.

That kind of good fortune, and ingenuity, won’t be necessary for Jack in the Box fans. The coupon, in photo form, is good until next Wednesday, April 1st. And if, for some reason, you’d rather redeem your coupons the old-fashioned way, the restaurant is offering a coupon for $1 off a Buttery Jack burger on its website, that’s good until April 5th.

But really, compared to the largest coupon in the world, what fun would that be?

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