There are two kinds of people in the world: those who consider coupon inserts as annoying things to toss aside when the Sunday newspaper arrives, and those who consider the Sunday newspaper as that wordy thing that’s wrapped around their coupon inserts.

Oh, and then there are people who think, newspapers? Do they still make those?

Anyway, whether it’s due to the recession, the explosion in online coupon sites or the popularity of “that show”, couponing has become the news. So no longer can news readers dismiss coupons, or coupon users disregard the news.

And that is what brings us to Coupons In The News, a brand new website devoted to news about coupons.

Whether you’re curious about couponing and want to learn how to save more, or a seasoned couponer who wants to keep up with the latest news and trends in couponing, or just someone who likes to snicker at stories about people who buy 1100 boxes of cereal or couponers who end up on the wrong side of the law – you’ll find it all at Coupons In The News.


You’ll find four main sections on this site.  First and foremost is, appropriately enough, Coupons In The News.  That’s where you’ll get the latest news about coupons, couponers, couponing trends and ways you can save with coupons.

Next is Grocery Store News.  This is for content that’s not specifically about coupons, but about the stores where you might use them.

Third comes Coupons You Can Use.  If you’re itching to do more than just read about coupons, here’s where you can get some new ones.

Finally, Couponing Tips & Tricks.  Whether you’re new to this, or looking to refine your couponing skills, this is where you can read about ways to increase your savings by using coupons.

There’s also a coupon database, a printable coupon page and much more – so you can read, learn, snicker and save all in one place.

So look around, visit often and happy couponing!

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