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Just because you have a coupon for a Croissan’wich, doesn’t mean your Burger King is going to give you one at lunch time. A Connecticut man found this out the hard way, and wasn’t too happy about it. So police say he threatened to shoot up the place.

The confrontation occurred this past Sunday morning, at a Burger King in Manchester, Connecticut. 55-year-old Gary Kuhn showed up, coupon in hand, and tried to order breakfast.

But he was 25 minutes too late. It was 10:55am, and the restaurant stopped serving breakfast at 10:30am.

“Have you ever seen the movie ‘Falling Down’ with Michael Douglas?” police say Kuhn asked the cashier. “It’s a movie you should watch.”

In the 1993 flick, Douglas’ character tries to order breakfast at a fast food joint and is told he’s three minutes too late. “Have you ever heard the expression ‘the customer is always right’?” he asks. And then he pulls out a submachine gun, shoots a few rounds into the ceiling and demands his breakfast.


Police say Kuhn described this scene to the cashier and said, “That’s what I feel like doing.” Instead of pulling out a gun, thankfully, he merely threw his coupon at the cashier and walked out.

The implied threat alone was enough for shaken employees to call the cops. Concerned customers managed to get his license plate number, which helped police track him down. They caught up with him at his home, where he told them he was still hungry and wanted a sandwich.

Instead, he got arrested.

Kuhn faces a felony charge of threatening and a misdemeanor charge of breach of peace. He’s out on $10,000 bond, pending his arraignment next week.

If he gets a hankering for a Burger King breakfast while he’s out, let’s hope he gets there in time. It’s just too bad he doesn’t have his coupon anymore.

Image sources: Manchester Police Department / JeepersMedia

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