There are the kind of coupons that you use in the store (“$.50 off cereal”), and the kind that your kids make you for Mother’s Day (“good for one free room cleaning without complaining”).

And then there are the coupons that a California comedian recently left in his local grocery store, just for the fun of it.

“One free hug from your cashier”? Most couponers can tell tales of cashiers who are more likely to offer sighs than hugs, when they see you coming with a fistful of coupons.

But it’s all in good fun. Jeff Wysaski of Los Angeles has become internet-famous for previous in-store pranks, like leaving fake product reviews at IKEA, bizarre animal descriptions at the pet store, and inventive new categories at the bookstore. This time, he decided to take on the supermarket, with legitimate-looking (sort of) coupons spread around for unsuspecting – and perhaps gullible – shoppers to find:


“I always wanted a career in comedy, and I realized that writing my own stuff and sharing my own stuff was the way to do it,” Wysaski told the Daily Dot after one of his previous pranks.



The real purpose of his pranks is to take photos, to share on his website and social media accounts. He hasn’t let on whether he removes his work after his photo sessions, or if he really leaves it all behind for others to stumble upon.


Sharp-eyed couponers, who are no doubt too smart to fall for such a prank, might notice that the bar codes are the same on each coupon, no matter what the coupon purports to offer:


And extremely sharp-eyed couponers might notice that the bar codes are not coupon bar codes at all. If you happened upon one of these “coupons” in the store, and your inattentive cashier actually scanned it, you’d be charged the going rate for a “Shrek Forever After” DVD:


Unfortunately, all of Wysaski’s creations expire on Sunday. So if you want a hug from your cashier, a piggyback ride around the parking lot, or a “you go, girl!” shouted over the loudspeaker in your honor – you’d better act fast. Because come Monday, that “free gentle kiss” from the produce manager is going to cost you.


Image sources: pleated-jeans.com

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