The “racist rant caught on video” is apparently becoming a thing these days. Over the past few weeks and months, we’ve witnessed the Walmart shopper in Arkansas who told a Latina woman to “go back to Mexico”, the woman who went off on a Latino man in a Virginia Sprint store, and the Kentucky woman who told a fellow JCPenney shopper to “go back to wherever the f*** you come from”.

Now, a New Jersey woman has found herself at the center of something of a perfect storm of retail rage. Not only was she a minority, faced with another shopper who didn’t take kindly to her kind. She was also using coupons. Lots of them.

27-year-old Simoni LoVano Scirocco was standing in a long line at a Sears store in New Brunswick on Sunday when a fellow shopper decided she’d had enough of waiting. As she began yelling at the couponer at the counter, Scirocco took out his cell phone and began recording video that he later posted online (click on his YouTube video above – and be warned, there’s some foul language).

“You gotta take one order and go back to the line!” the angry shopper shouts. “Not one order because you’re getting your $10 coupon, and staying there again and another $10 coupon.” Walking away in frustration, she follows up by saying “Send them back to their own f***ing country,” after another man in line chimes in with “Let’s drain the swamp – hurry up!”


“They were individually buying things with different discounts they had to maximize savings, so it was taking time,” Scirocco explained on his Facebook page. The shoppers, whom he identified as being Latino, “were just being thrifty, and this lady made it seem like it was a crime because she had to wait 20 minutes.”

Of course, no one really wants to wait in a long line behind a couponer who’s breaking up her purchases into multiple transactions. “They shouldn’t be doing this. Ten different orders, come on!” the angry shopper complained. “You’ve got an Indian waiting on an Indian, that’s what it is,” she concluded. When it was pointed out to her that the customers weren’t Indian, she followed up with “I don’t know what the hell they are.” When told the shoppers are American, she says “Well, they shouldn’t even be here.”

“Everyone just tried to calm the situation or ignore it (myself included) and no one defended the customer,” Scirocco wrote. “I feel guilty I didn’t say anything but I was shaking in anger… The only person at fault was this bigoted women and yet the victim felt guilty as if it was somehow her fault. That made me even angrier. Where is the accountability?”

In the other racist retail incidents cited above, the owners of the stores where the incidents occurred quickly spoke out. Walmart said it would ban the woman in the “go back to Mexico” video. Sprint condemned the rant that took place in its store, and said such behavior “is not tolerated in any Sprint workplace.” And the mall where the JCPenney incident occurred banned the insult-spewing woman from ever returning.

Sears has not yet commented on the New Brunswick incident. Nor has the woman in the video been identified. But the store may not have to worry about seeing the likes of her again. Near the end of the video, she exclaims “I don’t even want this s###,” and puts down her planned purchases before she even makes it to the register.

“There’s nothing wrong, we are customers as well,” the couponer said in trying to calm her harasser, to no avail. She may have gotten her multiple $10 discounts, but in this case captured on camera – she ended up getting a whole lot more than she bargained for.



  1. I am a couponer, and I never make people behind me wait while I do multiple transactions. I think we can all agree that the ranting customer reacted inappropriately, but I think we should all be able to understand her frustration. The victim of the rant was being very inconsiderate.

    First, I think the stores should limit the number of per-transaction coupons that can be used by a customer, but even if they don’t, it is rude to expect others to wait while you ring up transaction after transaction. Have the cashier ring up one transaction, then go to the end of the line and wait your turn to do the second transaction, etc.

    • I am curious too about the coupon’s fine print. Many coupons are limited to one per person or household. Multiple transactions, with a line waiting, is rude. Perhaps the couponer should go to the end of the line after each transaction.

  2. Biggest oxymoron in the story was this line: “…a long line at a Sears store…”! That’s something you don’t see very often these days!

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