There must be something about Burger King coupons that causes people to lose it.

A Florida man who entered a Burger King with coupons in hand, has become the latest to exit in handcuffs. In his case, it was due to a “coupon conundrum” involving “Whoopers”.

Okay, this is going to require some explanation.

It all happened this past Saturday afternoon in the Gulf Coast city of Largo. According to a criminal complaint, 23-year-old Miguel Latorre of nearby Clearwater entered a local Burger King with “several of his Burger King Whooper coupons”.

“Whooper”? Whoops!

Malapropism aside, the arresting officer’s accounting of the incident is rather entertaining, even if the incident itself wasn’t – especially for the Burger King cashier who took Latorre’s order.


It turns out you can’t use several coupons on the purchase of a single Whooper – or on a Whopper, for that matter. When the cashier “attempted to explain the coupon conundrum,” the arresting officer’s purple prose continues, Latorre “became enraged and frustrated by the Whooper coupon situation”.

And really, who among us wouldn’t be frustrated if we found ourselves in the middle of a Whooper coupon situation?

Few among us, however, would have reacted in quite the way police say Latorre did. The Whooper coupon conundrum got him so worked up, that he allegedly grabbed the cashier on the wrist “and began to pull her over the counter”.

A “physical altercation ensued,” in full view of several witnesses. Police were called, and they booked Latorre on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

This is at least the fourth coupon-related altercation that’s earned notoriety at the Home of the Whooper – er, Whopper. Six months ago, a South Carolina man was arrested after allegedly threatening a Burger King employee with a gun after his coupon for a free Whopper was refused. About two years ago, a Wisconsin woman and her daughter were arrested after the woman tried to use multiple coupons in a transaction. When the cashier refused to accept them, the woman sicced her daughter on the cashier for “disrespecting” her. And back in 2015, a Connecticut man who tried to use a coupon for a Burger King breakfast sandwich – at lunch time – was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot up the store when he was told breakfast time was over.

But none of them can lay claim to the most florid criminal complaint of all, heretofore known as the “Case of the Whooper Coupon Conundrum”.

Thankfully, the cashier in Largo was not seriously hurt. Latorre is out of jail on $500 bond, awaiting his next court date. And while he’s out, one can only hope he doesn’t get a hankering for any more Whoopers. Burger King has had more than its share of coupon conundrums already.

Image sources: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office / Burger King

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  1. Found this article when looking to see if anyone else had our experiences with Burger King coupons. Burger King doesn’t like to honor their coupons period. In our experiences, they just take them and don’t apply them, ask harshly and rudely why you want to use a coupon, or tell your family members they cannot use more than 2 coupons at a time as in 4 members attempt to use 3 coupons and are turned away. The entire point of coupons is to establish new customers. The business nor workers seem to understand this concept of marketing and as a result it’s having the opposite effect on their business.

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