Despite their frequent use on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”, free-product coupons are hard to come by. You can write to companies, in the hopes that they might send you one or two. You can enter a contest, and cross your fingers. Or you can buy them online, though they’re probably fake. So is there really a way to get your hands on stacks of coupons that will allow you to get your favorite products for nothing?

Yes there is. Just crash your car and then tweet about it. Easy enough!

Of course, that may not be a risk you want to take. Besides, it probably only works if you’re in the public eye. And Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson qualifies.

The NFL player had the unfortunate experience of totaling his car on an interstate outside Detroit last month, while trying to “catch an object that was falling off his seat,” a police investigator said at the time.

The “object” was a pizza.

“He had purchased two whole pizzas,” police Lt. Michael Shaw elaborated to ESPN. “One was sitting on top of the other one, and I guess when he was driving one of them was slipping off, and he was reaching over to push it back onto the seat and overcorrected and hit the median wall.”


Burleson suffered a broken arm, and found himself the butt of jokes for having wrecked his car and risked his life, in order to save a pizza. He tried to make light of it on Twitter, joking that perhaps he could become the spokesman for a pizza company.

Enter DiGiorno.

Burleson tweeted a thank-you and a photo last night, showing a letter and some goodies that the frozen pizza company recently sent him:

Burleson DiGiorno coupons

That’s right – DiGiorno sent Burleson a year’s supply of pizza in the form of 52 coupons (complete with holograms!) good for a free pizza valued at up to $7.59. They also sent a letter that read, “Hello Nate, We hope you are feeling better after your recent car accident and are on the road to recovery! DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carry out and delivery pizza so we’re sending you a gift along with a year supply of DiGiorno pizza so you can skip carry out.”

$400 worth of pizza coupons won’t buy Burleson a new car, but it’s enough to buy DiGiorno some cheap publicity. No word on whether Burleson plans on skipping delivery and pickup and opting for DiGiorno from now on.

But if he decides to compete in a future episode of Extreme Couponing – he’s good to go.

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  1. good thing he is fine..NFL player. He can afford a year’s worth of pizza.

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