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Haggen is not history after all. The troubled grocer, which is about to be swallowed up by Albertsons, will retain its name on a handful of stores in Washington state once the new owners take over.

So, in summary – just over a year ago, Haggen was a small, regional grocer operating 18 stores in the Pacific Northwest. Going forward, it will be a small, regional grocer operating 15 stores in the Pacific Northwest, the only difference being that it will be operating under new ownership.

If only it could have skipped all the stuff that took place in between.

A few days after Haggen announced that it would be selling most of its remaining stores to Albertsons, and closing the rest, the two companies today revealed what will become of those 29 locations. 14 stores that Haggen had purchased from Albertsons, will be converted back into Albertsons. 14 of Haggen’s original group of core stores will keep the Haggen name and will continue to be operated as part of a separate, Albertsons-owned business unit based in Haggen’s Bellingham, Washington hometown. One Safeway-turned-Haggen will remain a Haggen.

“Haggen’s original core group of Pacific Northwest stores set the gold standard in the markets they serve for quality fresh products and exceptional service,” Albertsons CEO Bob Miller said in a statement. “We are proud to now be associated with this tradition, and want to assure Haggen’s dedicated shoppers that the stores will continue to offer customers the freshest local products available and exceptional service, with the same great employees at the stores.”

Haggen officials expressed relief that the 83-year-old brand, named after the founding Haggen family, won’t be lost to history. “Haggen has been a part of the Pacific Northwest and the Bellingham community for more than eight decades and we will continue the traditions of operating great Haggen stores focused on community involvement, fresh northwest products and great service,” said Haggen CEO John Clougher. “We are excited about the opportunity to have the backing of Albertsons and look forward to be part of the Albertsons grocery family.”

But what a painful, discouraging, roundabout route it took to get to this point. Haggen might have been right where it is, but still independently-owned, had it not embarked on its disastrously ill-conceived plan to expand nearly tenfold, buying 146 Albertsons and Safeway-owned stores when those grocers were ordered to sell them, as a condition for having their merger approved.


For a variety of reasons (explained in depth here), customers of the newly-rebranded Haggen stores in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington were wildly unimpressed and abandoned the stores in droves. Haggen quickly earned a terrible reputation as an overpriced, out-of-state interloper, and it was swiftly driven into bankruptcy and out of town.

But shoppers in Washington state who knew Haggen from way back when, were still fans. The Haggen that shoppers in other states hated, wasn’t the Haggen they knew. So now, they get to welcome back their favorite store, while unimpressed shoppers in other states get to bid it good riddance. And if being owned by a big chain like Albertsons generates synergies that helps bring Haggen’s prices down, all the better.

Below is a look at what will become of each of the 29 stores that Albertsons is expected to acquire, pending the bankruptcy court’s approval. The complete list of the fate of all of the stores Haggen once owned, is here.

“We thank our dedicated store crews, loyal customers, vendors, partners and others that have supported us,” Clougher said. “We are looking ahead to a promising future.” It’s a future that was once very much in doubt. But with a familiar name out front, and a new owner in charge behind the scenes, it’s a future that now seems to be assured.


Address City State Original banner
1406 Lake Tapps Parkway East Auburn WA Original Haggen
2814 Meridian Bellingham WA Original Haggen
1401 12th Street Bellingham WA Original Haggen
210 36th St. Bellingham WA Original Haggen
2900 Woburn St Bellingham WA Original Haggen
757 Haggen Dr. Burlington WA Original Haggen
1815 Main Street Ferndale WA Original Haggen
8915 Market Place NE Lake Stevens WA Original Haggen
3711 88th St NE Marysville WA Original Haggen
2601 East Division Mount Vernon WA Original Haggen
31565 State Route 20, #1 Oak Harbor WA Former Safeway
1313 Cooper Point Road SW Olympia WA Original Haggen
1301 Avenue D Snohomish WA Original Haggen
26603 72nd Ave NW Stanwood WA Original Haggen
17641 Garden Way NE Woodinville WA Original Haggen



Address City State Original banner
1800 N.E. 3rd St Bend OR Former Albertsons
61155 S. Hwy 97 Bend OR Former Albertsons
1675 W. 18th Ave Eugene OR Former Albertsons
1690 Allen Creek Rd Grants Pass OR Former Albertsons
16199 Boones Ferry Road Lake Oswego OR Former Albertsons
14300 S W Barrows Rd Tigard OR Former Albertsons
17171 Bothell Way N.E. Lake Forest Park WA Former Albertsons
8611 Steilacoom Blvd SW Lakewood WA Former Albertsons
3520 Pacific Ave SE Olympia WA Former Albertsons
3925 236th Ave NE Redmond WA Former Albertsons
17520 State Route 9 SE Snohomish WA Former Albertsons
450 N. Wilbur Ave Walla Walla WA Former Albertsons
1128 N. Miller Wenatchee WA Former Albertsons
3075 Hilyard St. Eugene OR Former Albertsons



  1. Does anybody have information on Flagstaff Arizona Haggen location . We still have no idea ,still feeling abandoned ????

  2. What is happening with the closed Haagen’s @ 28090 So. Western Ave., in San Pedro, Calif 90732. The Leasing sign & phone # has been removed & property has lights on. Please respond–no one seems to know….

  3. This whole Haggen/Albertson’s fiasco was just a charade to get
    around the stupid Federal Trade Commission fake concern about
    concentration of too much grocery business with Albertson’s buying
    out Safeway. By faking Haggen’s temporary fake purchase of many
    bad Albertson’s stores, the FTC allowed the concentration monopoly
    of Albertson’s and Safeway. Now, Haggen’s is also being bought by
    Albertson’s for an even bigger monopoly of grocery business. The
    FTC is so damn stupid or being bought off with bribes by the big crooks.

  4. Status of Haggens formerly Albertsons building (still empty) at 3443 S Sepulveda Bl, LA 90034

  5. What will become of the Haggen/Albertsons store located in Upland California the address is 1910 N Campus that was my home store.

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