An also-ran among rebate apps is about to officially end its run. Shopmium has announced that the U.S. version of the cash-back grocery app will be discontinued next month.

Users, and former users, of the app aren’t necessarily shedding tears about this development. But then neither are Shopmium’s owners – because this was all part of the plan.

“On June 4, 2017, we will be discontinuing the Shopmium service,” app users were notified Thursday via email. “At that time, all referral bonuses will expire and your account will be deactivated.”

Quotient Technology, the owner of Coupons.com, bought Shopmium back in 2015 and set about integrating it into the company. Those efforts culminated with the addition of Shopmium’s receipt-scanning cash-back functionality into the newest version of the Coupons.com app, which launched earlier this year. So it was only a matter of time before a standalone Shopmium app became redundant.

“Shoppers love it,” Quotient said of the Coupons.com app’s receipt-scanning capability. So “with adoption and usage of the Coupons.com app growing at a healthy pace, we’ve decided to sunset the Shopmium app in the U.S.”

For users, though, the transition from Shopmium to Coupons.com was a rocky one. Many were already unimpressed with Shopmium’s offers to begin with – and it only went downhill from there.

A few months after the Quotient acquisition, Shopmium began including fine print in some of its rebate offers, saying that coupons could not be used in conjunction with cash-back offers, and adjusting down the value of the rebates if coupons were used. Then it started rejecting rebate requests altogether if coupons were used.


The moves may have pleased many brands, who’ve long been wary of giving away too much by allowing shoppers to stack coupons and rebates. But they turned off many users, who’d grown accustomed to stacking coupons and rebates from competing apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51, which largely don’t have a problem with the practice.

Finally, in case it hadn’t made itself clear, Shopmium got serious about the stacking ban. Last May, it stopped accepting rebate requests for purchases made at any retailer that didn’t itemize its receipts to show which, if any, coupons were used on which specific products. That alienated millions of potential users, by shutting out major retailers like CVS, Meijer, Publix and all Kroger-owned stores.

Many shoppers at those stores ended up bidding Shopmium good riddance. And many shoppers who stuck around found that the app wasn’t so useful anymore. As Shopmium offers began looking very much like the offers that were available on Coupons.com, couponers found they had little use for rebates that they weren’t allowed to combine with the coupons they were already planning to use.

Quotient’s motives for making the changes became more clear when it integrated receipt-scanning into the Coupons.com app. The idea was to allow shoppers a paperless way to save, wherever they shop. If your store accepts digital coupons, you can load them from the Coupons.com app. Otherwise, you can scan your receipt and claim a rebate, to get the same discount on the same product. “This is a great feature that lets consumers take advantage of offers at stores that don’t have a digital paperless coupon program in place – such as Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club,” Quotient explains.

So the writing has been on the wall for some time, for Shopmium’s future as a standalone app. Another clue was that Shopmium long ago abandoned its social media sites – its last Facebook post was nearly a year ago, its last tweet 18 months ago, and the few visitors who come to post a comment get no response.

But commenters have had plenty to say in reviews of the app. “Good in theory but it keeps saying the items I have are incorrect even though they are right. Extremely frustrating. App is pretty much useless,” one app reviewer wrote on the Google Play store. “Barcode scanner does not always work, so end up paying for something. No reply from them regarding this. Wasted my money!” another added. “Ibotta is SO much better! Uninstalling this crap for good,” wrote a third.

Shopmium remains popular in France, where it was founded in 2011, and in the U.K, where it launched last year. “While we remain committed to expanding Shopmium across Europe, our key consumer focus in the U.S. is on the Coupons.com app and, of course, the many retailer apps that we support,” Quotient said.

So if you were one of Shopmium’s last remaining users, there’s some good news. The app has now given you one final way to save – by freeing up space on your phone.

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