Walmart arrest

We’ve all experienced it – employees who don’t understand their own store’s coupon policy and won’t accept your coupon. You may get upset, you may let it slide – but would you attack the employee, and then pull a gun on her?

If you’re Walmart shopper Mary Alday of Crawfordville, Florida, you just might.

In a reversal of a recent case in which a Dollar Tree cashier allegedly attacked her couponing customer, the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office says 51-year-old Alday became upset last Friday, when a Walmart assistant manager wouldn’t accept her one-dollar off coupon. The police report says that, according to “all parities (sic)” involved in the incident, the “assistance (sic) manager” “explained to Ms. Alday that it is Wal-Mart’s policy not to except (sic) internet coupons.”

Well, no wonder Alday got upset – she must be a grammarian who was offended at the police report’s terrible spelling. Or maybe it was the fact that that’s not Walmart’s policy at all. “We gladly accept the following types of coupons: Print-at-home internet coupons,” reads the very first line of Walmart’s coupon policy.


But being upset does not give one the right to swear a blue streak and hit your tormentor with a shopping cart, which is what police say Alday proceeded to do.

The assistant manager called police, while following Alday to her car to get her license plate number. By now, she was accompanied by the store manager and two other employees. She told police that Alday reached into her car, pulled out a gun, “pointed it at all of the store employees and stated ‘I have something for y’all’.”

It was at that point that the employees took off, and so allegedly did Alday.

Police located her car a short distance away from the Walmart, and she gave herself up politely and peacefully. No, just kidding – the police report says she grabbed the arresting officer, tried to pull out her gun, and got tased.

Alday was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and resisting arrest.

And the woman who claimed it was Walmart’s policy not to accept internet coupons, roams free.


  1. I had 1o couons and carefully made sure they followed requirements. After my walmart items bagged and I gave the cashier the couons I had to un pack my numerous bags and show her the item that matched. I was tired and limited time and couldn’t believe this. I finally told her one item just cancel and I bought less at my local grogery store BEFORE coupon. Last time in Walmart

  2. I hate to be all “Chris Rock-O.J. Simpspon” about it, but…….. “I’m not sayin’ it’s RIGHT….. but I UNDERSTAND.”

  3. It’s so nuts what some people feel they are entitled to. Whether the cashier was wrong or not, this lady was completely out of line and obviously has no respect for others. I have been on both sides of this: the cashier taking the coupons, and the couponer (which was well after I was out of retail). In my experience, being informative and pleasant when you are pointing out the cashier’s misunderstanding will go smoothly, as opposed to being a combative know-it-all and upsetting the cashier. You catch more flies with honey, right?

    You always have such interesting coupon stories, I love seeing your articles!

  4. As a cashier at Walmart I have to say that when changes like this happens, i.e, the coupons it is usually left up to that departments manager to pass the word, He or she usually passes it to the CSM they in turn pass it down to the cashiers. The problem here is we all have open ability in hours, just about, meaning not set schedule or shift and the same with the CSM’s. So it is hard for them to get to all of us cashiers right away. I was on my 2 days off when the message came down, I know of at least one that was on vacation then take into account we have 50+ cashiers covering 3 shifts in a 24 hr supercenter with staggered days off and it is a bit hard to get the info to all at the very same time. On my Monday back I was manning the self checks, had a regular customer come up and her coupons would not register, called a CSM and found out the new policy. She never had a chance to tell me I clocked in, scanned my badge and went straight to the self check. We all try our best on the front end but it takes a bit to get it out to all of us. Email us all? not everyone has a computer or internet (we work at walmart) 🙂 Most of us try our best to please the customer and we made that particular customers coupons work, but don’t beat us up over corporates decisions, we didn’t ask for them to make the coupon changes or want them to (I am a coupon shopper) but most of us want or need our jobs and we try our best to abide by the rules of the company we work for and make our customers happy. The CSM and assistant managers are in the same boat as we but take even more of the brunt of unhappy customers then us cashiers. Again it is corporate who makes our rules and if we want our jobs we have to follow them.

  5. That manager is WRONG… They do accept printed coupons!

  6. Yeah but then there are CSMs that are argumentative, rude and assault you. I recently had one shove a copy of the brand new coupon policy in my face and when she did she hit me in the forehead and Walmart doesn’t seem to care. She laid her hands on me. Walmart is quick to press charges against couponers but nothing when one is assaulted by an employee.

  7. “Politely and Peacefully” LOL-that was great!

    What a crazy story-I wish I could see the video. Especially the part where a mob of 4 employees chases her out to the car and then scatters after she pulls the gun.

    As I’ve said before: you post the most interesting stuff. You are now a daily read. Thanks!

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