Albertsons Monopoly 2014

(Note: this article is about the 2014 contest. Read all about the 2015 contest here).

Let the game piece collecting, organizing and trading begin – a promotion familiar to millions of supermarket shoppers in parts of the Western and Southwestern U.S. is now taking a huge swath of the country by storm. The Monopoly Collect and Win game, an annual event in Albertsons Market stores since 2009, has now expanded to the entire family of Albertsons-owned stores. And, as a result, the potential prizes are bigger than ever.

Unfortunately, so are the chances of winning.

As experienced players well know, or those who’ve participated in similar Monopoly games at places like McDonald’s, shoppers earn game pieces every time they make a purchase at a participating store. There are also “bonus items” in stores that offer extra game pieces with a purchase. The goal is collect all of the pieces needed to win a prize, of up to $1 million.

Last year’s Monopoly game was already well under way, when the owners of Albertsons Market acquired Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s, Star Market and the rest of the Albertsons chain. So this year is the first time those stores are included in the contest. With many more stores and shoppers participating, the pool of potential prizes has nearly tripled, from $20 million to $55 million. And while previous contests have offered a single $1 million top prize, this year there are three million-dollar prizes up for grabs, as well as a $500,000 second prize and many more smaller prizes available than before.

That’s the good news. Not to dampen the excitement, but the chances of winning anything at all have gone up along with the total prize money.


Last year, no one won a million dollars. No one won either of the $100,000 or $50,000 runner-up prizes available either. The biggest winner got $40,000. Lots of people won smaller prizes, but even that has become more difficult this year.

On the low end of the prize scale, the chances of getting an instant-win piece good for a free grocery item have gone up from 1 in 114 last year, to 1 in 199 this year. And what about that million dollar top prize? Last year, the chances of getting the one “rare piece” needed to win (which still had to be combined with a “semi-rare” piece), were 81.5 million to one. This year, even though there are three top prizes available, you have a 1 in 133 million chance of getting just one of them – and an additional 1 in 5,000 chance of getting the other “semi-rare” piece.

That means, with one try, the odds of getting both pieces, and winning a million bucks, are more than 333 billion-to-one. To put that into a little perspective, your chances of winning the multi-million dollar Powerball lottery jackpot are 1 in 175 million. That means you’re more likely to win the Powerball jackpot – not once, but nearly TWO THOUSAND TIMES. You’re also about three times more likely to be struck by lightning, while simultaneously being eaten by a shark. Seriously.

Of course, with hundreds of millions of game pieces out there, no one is expected to win a million dollars with just two game pieces on their very first try. The more you play, the better your odds – though even with dozens, or hundreds, of game pieces, you’re still more likely to win Powerball. Or to get hit by lightning. Or by an asteroid, for that matter.

But astronomical odds have never stopped people from trying. And if you feel like throwing up your hands in frustration, consider this – two years ago, someone actually managed to win a million bucks from Albertsons. 20-year-old Melissa Varela of El Paso, Texas became the game’s one and only grand prize winner so far, when she earned the top Monopoly prize in May 2012.

As an added bonus this year, if the top six prizes (three million dollar prizes and three $500,000 prizes) are not won, there will be a “second chance drawing” for a single $500,000 prize among all players who register on their store’s website. Someone is guaranteed a pretty nice sum then.

So it can happen. And if you spend all your money at Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s or Star Market instead of on lottery tickets – and stay out of the ocean during lightning storms – it just might happen to you, too.

(Note: this article is about the 2014 contest. Read all about the 2015 contest here).


  1. I just got a rare piece for the $25 gift card! Woohhooo :). I got the other pieces I needed from monopolytickets.tictail.com.

  2. I created a free website to help keep track of your game pieces at http://www.jewelmonopoly.com. Once you have most of the pieces, you probably dread having to check the pieces against the playing board because the spots for the pieces aren’t always easy to find. It can be frustrating coming home with the groceries knowing that you have 80 pieces to check when 99% of them will be duplicates that you already have.

    The Jewel Monopoly Game Piece Checker will let you quickly punch in the 3 digit piece numbers telling you if it’s a duplicate or one that you need.

  3. I am looking for S823

    • Capri Sun says:

      Well, I know that I’m late to the game, but I have just opened the last of my Albertson’s Monopoly game pieces and I have S825 (Capri Sun), the semi-rare piece for the $40,000 Motorcycle or Boat. If anybody out there has the rare piece (S823) and wants to buy mine before the Tuesday, 6/10/14, deadline, you can email me at: [email protected]. I can meet you in person in San Diego, California, or I can Express Mail the game piece to you. (In order to get the package to you by noon on Tuesday, I will have to mail it before 3 pm on Monday.) Price: make your best offer.

  4. We’re selling our V812 (semi-rare, $100,000 Cash Prize) on eBay. If you have V816, buy our piece so you can redeem the $100,000 cash prize.

  5. Christian says:

    Does anyone have the Twizzlers piece for the ipad air or the Kellogg’s bars piece for the Xbox One? Let me know and we can work something out: [email protected]

  6. Hello, I have a semi rare T821 that I’m willing to sell or I’ll buy your T820. Please e-mail me!

  7. If someone did end up with X805, I have X803, and it’s yours if you need it.

  8. I have all except x805 will take a lil less if someone has it, I also have w809 need w807 will take a lil less I have t821 need t820 have the rest , I have p835. Need p832 , need k849 need n839 plz call me 630 923 9596 Tom, again if someone has x805 I will take a smaller amount meaning u get more plz call anytime if you have x805 in suburbs of Chicago just lost job

  9. Do the codes still work today? I entered about 300 and didn’t even win any extra tickets and that seems really weird

  10. I have S825 if any one has S823 I am ready to split.

  11. alex remick says:

    I have R828 if anyone is interested in combining

  12. I have a bunch of unopened pieces – listed on ebay and even though many had sold previously by others suddenly ebay decided it was a lottery and took down my listing so to craigslist I go!!!
    Best offer as of June 4 gets 87 unopened packets each having 4 coupons – 348 pieces!!!!

  13. Looking for W807
    i have all others for this prize
    willing to negotiate

  14. Most of the codes in the code history have a background of gray or white. Why do some of the codes have a green background?

  15. What does it mean when you look at your code history and the code is highlighted in green. Most are in gray and white but occasionally they are in green, why?

  16. Here’s another recent winners’ list, from last week – the biggest prize won is $40,000 so far:

  17. I have R828. Understand R829 is ultra rare; willing to negotiate based on odds for R828. Please contact me at [email protected]. Serious inquiries only. Good luck all!

  18. I will split prize with anyone interested if you have the following sets of pieces: ( I also have most of the other common pieces)
    (Contact Sonia at 6306702959)
    1)V 812, 815,816
    2) S 823, 825
    3)X803, 805 *****
    4)W807 ,809*****
    5)T820, 821*****
    6)L 848****
    7) J 854, 855
    9)M 843****
    10) P832, 835
    11) K849

  19. I will also take less of a portion

  20. Anyone have 820 ? Or x805? Or w807? I have the rest will spilt call 630 923 9596 Tom

  21. I have W809 for the dream home. I need W807. Split, trade? Please respond.

  22. I am willing to sell my rare V-812 monopoly ticket cheap. Email me

  23. Caroline O says:

    I have 809, 812, 828.. I won the $250 cash two weeks into the game! email me if you have any rare pieces for us to split the winnings!! [email protected]

  24. I have X803……let’s split the pot.

  25. Efren Neri, CA says:

    Looking for V816 lets split the price or make a deal. (310) 619-8159

  26. Katherine says:

    I have w809 and x803, willing to sell

  27. Katherine says:

    I have x803 and w809. Looking to sell/split prize. Email [email protected]

  28. I have semi -rare piece S825. Anyone has S823? Wanna split? 312-451-8244

  29. I have semi -rare ( at least I thing it is) S825. Anyone has S823? Wanna split?

  30. I have 803 809 821 835 I’m looking for someone with 805 807 832 or 820 will spilt call 630 923 9596

  31. I have W809 let’s split something instead of nothing!

  32. I have w809 which is semi rare. So if you w807 lets talk. I willing to sell w809 outright also.

  33. Hi I have all the pieces for the $ 40.000 vehicle. except T820 & R 828. I am willing to split the money. email me ; [email protected]

  34. Need x803, please email [email protected] if you have.

  35. I have the very rare V812…looking for the lucky person with V816 to win the $100,000 with! I’ll take $40,000 and you can have $60,000. Email me if interested! -Shannon [email protected]

  36. myalbertsons says:

    I need I848 any one have or want to trade?

  37. I have s825. Anyone want to split the prize of they have s823-mac & cheese?

  38. Just need V816 to win the $100,000! Email me at – [email protected] Let’s win this together!

  39. Just need V816 to win the $100,000! Email me – [email protected] Let’s win this together!

  40. Hi Team,

    Let’s stop being so greedy about selling the stamps. If you guys google Albertsons monopoly winner 2013 all of you will find that last year many people didn’t win at all not even the million only the small prizes…. I am willing to share the motorcycle money as I need one more stamp. I ride motorcycles so I am planning on buying a new one. https://www.albertsons.com/tag/monopoly-collect-win-game/

    • Best of Luck! says:

      lol, you tell people not to be greedy and you want someone to trade you a rare piece so you can get your motorcycle?

      You have a worthless semi rare piece and you look for a sucker to give you an actual winning piece and “split” or “share”?

      There are to parts of your “Team”: “the sucker” and “the wise guy”… with you being a wise guy.

      If someone wants to get a hundred bucks for his piece does not make him/her greedy… you are the greedy one.

      • I already own a motorcycle. I will not cry if I don’t win. It is just a game. Most likely you are one of the greedy ones selling the stamps. You have no huevos to show your real name Best of Lucks!

        • Best of Luck! says:

          LOL, this is a good one Johanna, or whatever your name is… clearly there is only one Johanna out there so thanks for clearly identifying yourself… LMAO

          Yes, I did sell some semi rare pieces and I asked $50 for it, while you have a semi rare piece and when you ask someone to trade you a winning rare piece, essentially asking them to give you $40,000…

          … you are either not very bright
          … or you are trying to con someone into giving you $40,000

          I wish Best of Luck… to all honest people.

  41. Hello Team,

    Who is willing to trade S823 with me for the motorcycle?

  42. these are the list of extra stamps I have n Im willing to trade or buy.
    email me if you need any [email protected] (tacoma, wa)
    1M- X801,X802,X804,X806
    $100,000- V813,V814,V815
    Motorcycle/Boat- S822,S824,S826
    Vehicle- T817,T818,T819
    Backyard Makeover- R827,R830,R831
    Family Vacation- P833,P834,P836
    iPad Air- K850,K851,K852
    xBox- J853,J855,J856
    Atv/Camping- N837,N838,N840
    $2500 Free groceries-M841,M842,M844
    $1000 Free groceries- L845,L846,L847
    $250 gift card- I857,I858,I859
    $250 cash- H861,H862,H863
    $100 gift card- G865,G867,G868
    $25 gift card- E873,E875,E876
    $25 cash-D877, D878, D880
    $15 Monopoly board game- C881,C883,C884
    $10 gift card- B885, B886, B888
    $5 gift card- A890,A891,A892

    Im still looking for

    1M- X803, X805
    dream home- W807,W809
    $100,000- V812,V816
    backyard makeover- R828, R829
    xbox- J854
    ipad- K849
    $1000 free G- L848
    $2500 free G- M843
    family Vacay- P832, P835

  43. selling my collection of 300 unopened pieces in may

  44. Who has an S823 extra?

  45. I have 2 rare Pieces

    V812 and R828 for sell. If interested e-mail me:

    I also sell closed pieces.

    [email protected]

  46. I am willing to trade stamps or share a prize…txt me 602-301-5467. I have many repeated stamps…in need of:
    J854 – Xbox
    K849- IPad
    L848- $1,000
    M843- $2,500
    N839- $5,00
    P- P832 & P836- $10,000
    R- R828 & R829- $25,000
    S- S823 ************* $40,000 motorcycle************
    T- T820 & T821- $40,000 car
    V- V812 & V816 -$100,000
    W- W807 & W809 -$500,000
    X- X803 & X805- $1,000,000

  47. Dianna Tavai says:

    im looking for X803 n X805 we can split wins.

    also looking for V812 n V816 -$100,000 prize we can split wins

    here are some of the other tickets i need.

    ipad- K849
    xbox- J854
    Atv or Camping package- N839
    Backyard Makeover- R828, R829
    Family Vacation- P832, P835
    $2500 Free Groceries- M843
    $1000 Free Groceries- L848
    Dream Home- W807, W809

  48. Christian Rodriguez says:

    I’m looking for J854. Email me if have it. We can come to a deal for it. [email protected]

  49. Hello.
    I have R828.
    Please email me if you want to buy or sell.
    goseks at gmail.com

  50. Tallen Standley says:

    I too have the x803 peice. Hope you have better luck than I am.

  51. Here’s the latest list of winners – so far, the biggest prize given away is $25,000:

  52. Tallen Standley says:

    I have the x803 if anyone wants to buy or trade, email me at [email protected]

  53. Best of Luck! says:

    Anonymous said…
    I found new list of winners. This one for Illinois. I would think there were more prizes claimed in the area with so many Jewel stores… but apparently not

    To see it go to surveyjet (dotnet) –> Giveaways –>Albertsons Monopoly

  54. Christian Lopez says:

    This is my email [email protected]
    For the 2 comments I posted.

  55. I have X801/T819/T818/T817/S824/V815/R827/W810 Let me know if you want to buy any. Email me at [email protected]

  56. I have a ton of common pieces but I am willing to buy any of rare or semi-rare pieces. If you have any of the pieces listed below please email me @ [email protected] so we can discuss business.

    1,000,00 Cash: X803, X805
    500,000 Dream Home: W807, W808, W811
    40,000 Car: T820, T821
    100,000 Cash: V812, V816
    40,000 Boat: S823, S825
    25,000 Backyard Makeover: R828, R829
    10,000 Family Vacation: P832, P835
    5,000 ATV: N839
    2,500 Free Groceries: M843
    500 Apple Air: K849
    500 Xbox One: J854

  57. DiscountInferno says:

    I shopped my a$$ off at Jewel during their last promotion of this type and I didn’t win even the lousy stinking $2 prize. The only things I got out of it were enough KOol-aid packets and .49 cans of corn to last until Rapture. Screw Albertson’s and screw Mr. Monopoly (dude is a total tool anyway).

  58. See image of spreadsheet for game piece trade.

    • Hey, Mirajo. I have a few pieces that you still might still need.
      $50- F872
      $500 Xbox-J853
      $500 Ipad- K851
      $2,500- M842
      $10,000- P833

  59. I have ALOT of pieces for trade.

  60. Hi I have Semi Rare T821 for sale or trade.

  61. I have S825 if anyone has S823…..

    • I’ve got 2 of the S825 (Capri Sun) pieces now. I’m in NJ. I’m not so certain that it is as “rare” as participants originally thought.

  62. I have R828 which is one of the rare (semi-rare) pieces for the $25k! Looking for someone with R829 to split appropriately the prize! [email protected] please serious inquiries only!

  63. I have x803? How much for it??

  64. I have x803? How much for it?

  65. I am willing to pay for the pieces W807, W809, X803, X805. If anybody has any of these pieces I am willing to pay or trade.

    I have:
    A890, A891, A892
    B886, B888, B885
    C881, C884, C883
    D878, D877
    E873, E875, E876
    F869, F870, F872,
    G868, G867, G865
    H862, H863
    I859, I858
    J856, J853, J855
    K850, K85, K852
    L845, L846, L847
    M841, M842, M844
    N837, N838, N840
    P833, P836
    R831, R827
    S822, S826
    T818, T819, T817
    V813, V815, V814
    X806, X801, X802, X804
    W811, W808, W810

  66. I have all the dream home pieces except W807. Please contact me if you have W807 and we can split the winnings. I also have P835 if anyone has P832

  67. I have now have the rare V812 and all of the V pieces with the exception of V816. Anyone have and willing to sell, trade, or split? Email me [email protected]

  68. Anyone out there with the following pieces, willing to share the prizes 50/50 or willing to trade you,just email me at [email protected].

  69. Amanda Kaplan says:

    I need t820

  70. in need of the following pieces…

    1,000 grocery~L848
    5,000 atv …….~N839
    250 Cash,…….~H864
    2,500 free gro~ M843
    10,000 vacation~ P832..P835
    500 apple iPad~ K849
    100,000 cash ~V812..V816
    40,000 boat ~S823..S825
    55 Million ~X803..X805
    500,000 dream h~W807..W809
    40,000 car ~T820..T821..

    Serious inquiry only..im willing to share..or pay for the pieces.. thank you…

  71. I have T821 semi rare anyone have T820?

  72. I have w805 is this rare?

  73. Hi All,

    I am looking for the t820 – chips ahoy piece. Does anyone have it? I am willing to trade or pay. Thanks so much!!!

  74. I have (s825) and (W809) and are interested in splitting please e mail ……I’m california state

  75. Best of Luck! says:

    First big Illinois winner? Pic @ surveyjet –> Giveaways —> Albertsons Monopoly

  76. Where do we find the winners and what do we have left to win???

  77. VegasMusicians says:

    I have some rare Albertson’s Monopoly Game Pieces for the Million Dollars and the $100,000 cash prizes, serious inquires only:
    I have over 50 others in all categories…
    i will consider a trade on the above pieces for other X, V, or W game pieces you may have to trade, let me know what you have!
    Email me: [email protected]
    Lets all win this year!!!

  78. Hey I kind of got into this late, I guess I just have a lot of common pieces. However listed below are the pieces I need just let me know if you are willing to give em up or trade for what I have. Thanks!
    X803, X804, X805
    W807, W809, W810
    V812, V816
    S823, S824, S825
    T820, T821
    R828, R829, R830
    P832, P835
    N838, N839
    M842, M843
    L846, L848
    J854, J855
    K849, K851
    I859, I860
    F869, F871
    E874, E876
    D877, D879
    C882, C884
    B885, B887

  79. I’m have lots of the other numbers and will give them away no finders fee…Hoping to atleast get a $5 gift card to make up for my time lol. email me at [email protected] if you have any I need or want to trade or just need a few.I need the following…

  80. I need T820 and T821 call me at. (915)-831-9967

  81. Betty Enriquez says:

    Hii if any one has an extra K852. K849 …
    Or J854 J855. … please email me [email protected]

  82. John Herbst says:

    I have W809. Who out there has piece W807 to complete the panel. Lets make a deal for the dream house.

  83. I have 2014 Jewel-Osco ticket R828. I’m looking for R829 or to sell.

    [email protected]

  84. hello,

    the offer still stands, I have semi rare game piece w809 for dream home monopoly 2014 series mon-7, if anyone gets w807 message me over, or will possibly sell for serious offers [email protected]..i also have semi-rare monopoly 2014 series mon-7 game piece 821 ritz

  85. I have X801, X802, X803, X804 and X806, I need X805. Willing to split 50/50 if anyone has X805. email [email protected]

  86. Rachel Ziemer says:

    I have x803 with an offer of $200 to buy now. I have 2 other people who have offered much more “if” they find the other rare piece X805. Can’t decide if I should take the guaranteed but much smaller offer or wait and see what happens. Any opinions would be appreciated. Also if you want to beat my current offer let me know haha 🙂
    [email protected]

    • Bob Brackett says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Just getting into this. You apparently have one of the rare… NOT semi-rare pieces. You should consider keeping it yourself and keep attempting to locate X805 yourself. The odds are stacked against you, but ask yourself “what if”? If it were semi-rare I would advise you to take the money and run, but it looks like you have a tough, tough piece to get. If I were in your shoes I would offer a 50/50 split to anyone that gets X805 or maybe even 75/25 (75% for them and 25% for you) Good luck and God bless!!! bob

  87. Scott Whitson says:

    Apples sauce

  88. I need v812 v816 s823 s825. Conta me at [email protected]com

  89. I need t830 t821 x803 x805 p832 p835. I have more than 50 pieces to trade. Contact me at [email protected]
    Boston MA

  90. I need the w807 and w809! Anyone? I have more than 50 pieces to trade! I am from Boston MA.
    [email protected]

  91. I need K849, and i need N839. Will pay cash if your in the Chicago/South Chicago Area!!! EMAIL ME IF YOU WANNA MAKE A DEAL!! [email protected]

  92. shavela harvey says:

    I have T821 and P835 if anyone has T820 and P832 and are interested in splitting please email me at [email protected]

  93. Best of Luck! says:

    I found a video with recent winners for 2014 Albertsons Monopol. I was not allowed to post the link, sorry. If you want to see it go to website called surveyjet and than go to “Giveaways” and then follow the link to the page dedicated to Albertsons Monopoly.

    Best of Luck Everyone!

  94. Best of Luck! says:

    I found a video with recent winners for 2014. I am not sure if I can post a link in here. I will try. If I won’t be allowed to do so just go to website called surveyjet, go to “Giveaways” and then follow the link.

  95. Has anyone on here actually traded and been successful? I went searching for reviews to see if there were actual winners and found this site. I see you all saying what you have, what you want, and the please please email me, call me messages, but looks like we’re all in different states, so I’m just wondering how that has been working for anyone? No one ever comments after they say what they have. Also is it just me, or does the odds really matter at this point? If you want to be mathematical about a “game” that’s fabulous but this is just a game. No one goes into the casino talking about their odds they just play, actually most expect to loose at least a minimum. At least unlike playing the lotto or going to the casino, your not spending any extra $. Your actually grocery shopping for things you need and in return your getting an added bonus of playing a game with “Potential” winnings. No disrespect to anyone on here (we all want to win) but it’s funny to me how people make things more than they should be. And for those asking for a finders fee for a game piece (shame on you) how does the person know they will actually get the piece, I can understand a fair trade (even then who’s going to mail it first and how is that guaranteed)? but a fee for something that was given to you for free is a little risky. You have until May to play so just keep the faith that you will win something and enjoy playing the game in the mean time…. Best Wishes to ALL!

    • Best of Luck! says:

      It’s free if someone gives it to you FREE, with no strings attached. Its not free if you have to make a purchase to get it.

      Why someone should be ashamed for asking small finders fee? Should he/she just give it away?… or what? I don’t get it.

      You talk about keeping the fait, but looks like you have none. Not all people are crooks and there are ways of making sure you won’t get cheated.

      Just use PayPal, if you won’t get your piece make a dispute and cheater will never see his (your) money.

  96. I have W808, an X806 make offer

  97. I’looking for the piece w807,w809 – t820t821, L848, j854 N839, I860, H864, G866, F871, P832 P835, K849 , v812 v816, X803 X 805 I Live in new mexico call me o tex me (575)7060944

  98. I need L848, I860, or M843. I have lots of pieces to trade please let me know

    • I am playing jewel osco monopoly and I am interested in M843 AND L848. I am also open to trade other pieces you may have.

  99. I’m currently playing 2014 Albertsons Monopoly game too , so please share the news. My email is [email protected]. Thanks

  100. I have X803 and T821

  101. I gots the Ritz Crackers T821..is it rare

  102. I have most of the non-rare pieces and a few of the semi-rare pieces.

    I’m looking for
    X803 X805
    T820 T821
    S823 S825
    V812 V816
    W807 W809

  103. S825 & V812 says:

    Hi, for anyone interested I have S825 and V812. I am willing to part ways with them for a small finder’s fee. I am from Chicago area and I would prefer if interested party could meet for the exchange. I believe hand to hand exchange is the only way to assure that each party gets what expected. Text me for details @773*505*7359. Thank you.

  104. I need the following:

    have the rest..looking to trade. Help if you can. thank you 🙂

    send response to : [email protected]