Albertsons Monopoly 2015


(Note: this article is about the 2015 contest. Read about the 2016 contest here).

It’s baaack… the ever-popular Monopoly promotion at Albertsons-owned stores has begun its seventh annual run. Through May 19th, if you’re on the hunt for instant-win grocery products, you’re in luck. If you’re hoping for that million dollar grand prize… well, hope you like instant-win grocery products.

In total, a whopping $80 million worth of prizes is up for grabs this year. That’s about 50% more than last year, twice as much as the year before, and ten times the value of prizes available when the promotion first began back in 2009.

The pool of potential prizes keeps growing, because Albertsons itself keeps growing. For the first time this year, Albertsons’ recently-acquired United Supermarkets chain will be among the participating stores, joining Albertsons’ earlier acquisitions ACME, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Star Market and Albertsons Market stores that were able to participate for the first time last year.

While Albertsons’ acquisition of Safeway officially closed just last week, it didn’t happen in time for Safeway-owned stores to join in the Monopoly fun this year (insert your own “a combined Albertsons and Safeway already is a monopoly” joke here). But watch for Safeway to be added next year, if the promotion returns.

And every year, there are those who wonder whether it will return. For every shopper who finds the Monopoly promotion fun, there are many more who end up frustrated. Not everyone can win, after all.

But it would be nice to at least have a decent shot.


Along with the boost in total prize money and number of eligible stores and players, comes a corresponding increase in the odds of winning most prizes. Last year, you had a 1 in 133 million chance of getting one of the “rare” game tickets needed to win one of the three $1 million top prizes – and an additional 1 in 5,000 chance of getting the other “semi-rare” piece needed to win.

This year, your chances of getting that one rare game piece have risen to 1 in 160,060,000. You still have a 1 in 5,000 chance of getting the necessary semi-rare piece. Combined, that means on your first try, the odds of getting both pieces, and winning a million dollars, are more than 400 billion-to-one.

400 billion! Compare that to your chances of winning the multi-million dollar Powerball lottery jackpot, which are a mere 1 in 175 million. That means you’re more likely to win the Powerball top prize – more than TWO THOUSAND TIMES, thereby becoming a multi-billionaire or even trillionaire – than you are to win just one of Albertsons’ million-dollar prizes. You’re also about 100,000 times more likely to be killed by a shark, or 3,500 times more likely to be crushed to death by a vending machine.

Now, these good-humored calculations always end up becoming a source of controversy in the comments section each year. So, let’s acknowledge that yes, your odds certainly get better the more times you play – who would expect to win anything on their very first try, after all? Plus, unlike the lottery, you don’t have to pay to play, other than just buying your groceries at a participating store. And given the huge market in game piece trading that exists online, you’d pretty much be in the money if you got that rare piece and could just buy or trade for the semi-rare one that someone is bound to be offering.

Still, astronomical odds and the underground game piece market aside, the big prizes tend to go unawarded. During regular game play last year, nobody won any of the $1 million, $500,000 or $100,000 top prizes. The biggest winner took home $40,000. That said, last year was the first time there was a “second chance” drawing, so one lucky winner did actually end up with a $500,000 prize in the end.

So there’s hope. Meanwhile, the one area in which the odds of winning have actually improved, is in the instant winner category. Last year, just one out of every 199 game pieces awarded a free product. This year, one out of 131 are freebies. The free items, Albertsons notes, have “a value between 69¢ and $11.99, with an average value of $3.23.”

So three bucks is better than nothing. But don’t despair, because there’s always the story of what happened in 2012. That’s when a Texas woman beat the odds and actually won that million bucks, becoming the one and only Albertsons Monopoly player ever to do so. The odds were slightly better then, but still, she got awfully lucky.

And who knows? Keep an eye on those game pieces, and maybe you will too.


  1. I have 137F, would be willing to trade or buy 138F…. send inquiries to gofordylan@icloud.com

  2. I have 122C. If anyone wants it please email me at soppgirl@aol.com :0)

  3. Hello everyone, I have 109B, 110, 11, 112, 114, 115, 116 but do not have 113B, I am willing to accept any type of offer or if anyone is interested to buy what I have.
    I HAVE THE FOLLOWING C118, 119, 120, 121 DO NOT HAVE 117C
    I HAVE E129, 130, 131, 132, 133 DO NOT HAVE 134E
    I HAVE J151, 152, 154 DO NOT HAVE 153J

  4. OK, I think there is still another week to turn in winning parts. I have 118, 119, 120,121, and 122 and 35 unopened tickets . and I think I am finished and don’t even want to open the last 35 tickets. What do you think the chances are that the one I need is in there. Here is the offer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I will sell all I have including the 35 unopened for $ 200 and all I ask is that if the final one needed for the $100,000 is in there, -and what are the chances of that -slim- please send me a few thousand, but you don’t have to ….But if you want them …I would need $ sent through paypal. — and no jokers or games – I am serious – if you are serious- text me at 609-675-5578 I can send you pictures of the tickets. And paypal is safest because even after you send the money ..they will make me prove is sent item to you.

  5. I have semi-rare pieces 110 and 131 – looking for anyone with either (or both) 113 or 134. Please email me if you have it and would like to trade/sell or team up. Willing to split!


  6. I have semi-rare 147 & 122. I had originally posted that I had 146, but apparently I’m an idiot. Sorry to anybody that contacts me. If you need either piece you can email me bewsh429@yahoo.com
    Have fun, good luck.

  7. I need 117, 146, 147, 160, 165, 142,145,153,158,160, 165, 167, 174, 177, 179

    Willing to split any of these 50/50 if you have any of these pieces. Please email me or text/call 856.230.0860

  8. I have 110b, 126 d, 137f, and 145g. Anyone interested?

  9. I have both 131E and 137F. These are listed as semi-rare. If anyone is interested in purchasing or sharing a prize, please email me at celejo@att.net.

  10. I will sell 122C or any common one. Please email me if you have an offer: soppgirl@aol.com. (I can take a photo, etc)

  11. I need 137, willing to split prize. Or if you need 138 I am willing to sell. Time is running game out .

  12. I have 145G. Looking to sell. Email me your offer if you’re interested- katiemaruca@yahoo.com

  13. Hi all, I have 122C and need 117 C, or I am willing to join in with someone. Please email me if interested: enchantedbungalow@gmail.com

    I have lots of tickets, so may also have other rare ones, but I need to read through everything to find out. Pretty sure 122C and 213Z are my only mega rare ones.

  14. I just opened my last batch of tickets and have a semi rare 145G for the $10,000 towards Jet Ski. Willing to make a deal of you have the other rare piece. Hate to see no one get anything. I am serious so if you do not have the other rare piece 142G please do not contact me. Reply with your info and we can make a deal.

  15. I have semi-rare 131, I anyone wants to purchase, email me at celejo@att.net.

  16. I have 110B and 131E. Message me with your offer. Also willing to trade for 113B or 134E. eaustincoupons@hotmail.com

  17. I have 131E. Looking to sell or make a deal with someone who has 134E.

  18. I have a TON of doubles of pretty much every “common” piece if anyone is willing to trade. My email is soozeeq1@sbcglobal.net if anyone is interested in tickets. Willing to split 50/50 if I have a ticket you need.

    *$5 Grocery gift card 213Z
    •$10 Grocery gift card 207Y
    •$15 Grocery gift card 204X
    •$25 Cash 202W
    •$25 Grocery gift card 197V
    •$50 Grocery g.c. 191U
    •$100 Grocery g.c. 188S
    •$100 Cash 184R
    •$500 Apple iPad Air 174O
    •$200 Cash 179Q
    •$200 Grocery g.c. 177P
    •$550 Redbox g.c. 167N
    •$1,000 Getaway 165M
    •$1,000 Cash 160L
    •$2,500 BigJoe Grill 158K
    •$5,000 Cash 153J
    •$10,000 Vacation 146H,147H
    •$10,000 Jet Ski 142G, 145G
    •$20,000 College Tuition 137F, 138F
    •$35,000 Vehicle 131E, 134E
    •$50,000 Home Makeover 125D, 126D
    •$100,000 Cash/Tesla 117C, 120C, 122C
    •$500,000 Vacation Home 113B
    •$1,000,000 Cash 105A, 107A

  19. If you are aiming for the $20,000 college tuition, I have monopoly piece 137F (semi-rare) and I am willing to sell it for $500. You can text me at eight one seven 521.8704, and I will send photo proof of the 137F piece. You will still need the 138F rare piece to claim the prize.

  20. Have semi rare pieces 105a, 122c, 126d, 145g. Willing to sell or split winnings! Only a few weeks to get winning game boards in for verification. Email me at dj.hernandez1976@gmail.com if interested. Would be a shame to not partner up with someone that has the rare winner!

  21. I have semi rare 110B, will give it for fairly cheap. Pretty obvious nobody has 113B so I’m giving up on that pipe dream heh

  22. Have all open slots for rare tickets, if some one wants to split or just share let me know.

    105A, 107A, 110B, 113B 117C, 122C, 125D, 131E, 134E, 137F, 138F, 142G, 145G, 146H, 147H, 153J, 158K, 160L, 165M,1 167N, 177P, 179Q, 174O, 184R, 188S, 191U, 197V, 202W, 204X, 213Z.

    ~ Richard

  23. I have a 122C piece. Willing to split up prize or selling it. Please send-me an e-mail at beca_m@yahoo.com and I’ll send you a photo of the piece as proof. Thank you.

  24. Looking for 105a and 107a 🙂

  25. I have 122C and 147H. Contact me for proposals. retiredbd@yahoo.com. Good luck to everyone!

  26. If you are interested in 145G I’m welling to sell. send me your offer to almacchew@gmail.com

  27. have 105a send me your offer @ chanillo82@gmail.com

  28. have 105a send me your offer

  29. I have 105A for sale. $150 or best offer. I’m located in the SD area but willing to ship it out where ever. Message me at akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com, I will provide a picture for verification to anyone interested.

    Thanks and good luck!

  30. If you would like to buy 137F or 126D let me know.

  31. Anyone have a picture of the game board or know where I can see one? I picked up pieces while out of town and there is no Acme located near me to get one. Thanks

  32. I have: 101a

    let me know if you want to make a deal

  33. I have 122c for sale : ] send text to 609-675-5578 selling for 250. prefer paypal

  34. I have


  35. I need 107A, 110B, 113B,153J, 158K, 165M, 167N, 177P, 179Q, 188S, 191U

    Will split 50:50

  36. Hi Monopoly players,

    I have 105A for sell. If anyone is interested, $225 or best offer. Picture taken by your email message will be included as proof. So message me at akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com

    Thanks and goodluck!

  37. If anyone has 107A im willing to share the money I am also in need of 125D 126D,131E 134E 137F 138F,110B 113B contact me at tomonobuitagaki@gmail.com

  38. LF sell/split: I have 145G for the $10,000 Jet Ski. Please contact at meowlita@gmail.com if you are interested in buying this piece or splitting the prize. My name is Victoria. Thank you!

  39. I have 131E. email me with an offer. On green23s@yahoo.com

  40. want to buy or trade for 158

  41. Want to buy or trade for 158K

  42. I have game piece 137. Email me annasakzlyan@gmail.com if interested.

  43. I need 105,107,110,113,117,122,125,126,131,134,138,142,145,145,153,158,160,165,167,174,177,179,188,191,197,202,204,207,213 to win I am willing to spit my wining half an half if u will to spit also I have a lot of all the other game number if any one needs them let me know and I wish everyone luck 🙂

  44. i have 122c and 126d

  45. I need 117c and 122c, if you have it ill trade you 129e or 103a. please contact me at brendanskids@yahoo.com

  46. I need 107A. Will definitely share my money with the person who has it! I also have a ton of other pieces. I’d have to go through them, and see what I have, but let me know what you need, and I’ll check. Looking for some rare pieces myself. Email me.

  47. I have piece 110B. Anyone have 113B? jgverona@yahoo.com

  48. I have 105A for sale. $225 or best offer. I’m located in the SD area but willing to ship it out where ever. Message me at akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com, I will provide a picture for verification to anyone interested.

    Thanks and good luck!

  49. I have 137F, willing to trade or sell email me breedeencio@gmail.com

  50. I have 137F if anyone needs it. Make me an offer. Found someone to split prize 50/50 with but we are on different coasts and legal paperwork costs more upfront than its worth. Thanks!

  51. Hi guys,

    I’m looking to sell my 105A piece, for about $250 or best offer, send me an email if youre interested. akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com (I will include a picture if you need verification)

    Thanks and good luck!

  52. Alright. I have 105, 122, and 131. I will sell them for $250 each. I have gotten tired of this game and trying to get the rare ones. Hope these pieces help you guys.

  53. Hi everyone,

    Im selling 105A if anyone is interested, send me an email at akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com. I will provided a picture, if needed.

    Thanks and goodluck

  54. Hey everyone. I’m in grad school and am graduating soon. No money and no job yet. I have 147H and want to sell it. I seriously can’t spend any more time on this game. I will even include 148, 149 and 150. If interested, please email me at thembihope22@gmail.com with an offer.

  55. Need:
    A 105.107 B 110. 113 C117. 122
    D125. 126 E131. 134 F137. 138
    G142. 145 H146. 147 J153 K158
    L160 M165 N167 O174
    P177 Q179 R184 S188.189 U191
    V197 W202 X204 Y207 Z213

    A101-104.106 B111.112.114-116
    C118-121 D123.124.127.128
    E129.130.132.133 F135.136.139.140
    G141.143 H148-150. J152.154
    K156.157 L159.162 M163.164.166
    N168.169 O172 P175.176.178
    Q180.181.182 R183.185.186
    S187 U192.193 V196.198
    W201 X203.208 Y209.210 Z211.212


  56. Any one have 142,144,146

  57. Hi Please email my at arandomkid7@gmail.com if you have piece 138F. I will pay $$$$. Thank you and good luck!

  58. I have 145G. I am willing to sell it for $200. So if you have 142G, you can get your $10,000 Jet Ski prize. Email me at mbtrumpet1@yahoo.com if you are interested in buying this piece.

  59. I just opened a ticket containing the semi-rare/rare game piece #131E. I’m looking for someone that is either interested in my piece or that has #134E.

  60. I need 131,134,167,177,184,174

    I’ll trade

    please call or text to 856-979-7556 or please call or text to 856-979-7553

    • The only rare piece that I have is 131. I see that you also need the other one 134. I don’t have anything of value to trade, but if you can think of a deal for 131, then let me know.

  61. I have piece 147H looking to buy 146H or make a deal

    email me

  62. Hello I have 105A. I am selling this piece. I have Everything for the million except 107A. Anyways im selling this piece for 200 or best offer. Email me johnescritor@yahoo.com if youre interested.

  63. I have 131E if anyone has 134E and wants to split 50/50 let me know

  64. I have # 131 for sale only if you have # 134 make offer. lmiller08096@gmail.com

  65. I have 105A. Anyone has 107A? Share prize? Buy the piece?

  66. Helloooooo, I need just 107 A , someone want to split the prize? If you have the 107 A, PLease send me a message . 50./. I SPLIT my cell 5082317488 , thanks.

  67. Hello, I need just 107 C , if you have, PLease send me a message, I split de prize, 50./. my cell for message 5082317488 thanks.

  68. Anyone have 107A or 1740? Email me at akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com if you want to work out a deal/split. Thanks and goodluck

  69. Hello. I am looking for…


    If anyone has any of these, please notify me. I am willing to trade my extra pieces. I have a big full of extras.

  70. Hi everyone, I have 110B and I’m looking for 113B. If anyone has this piece and would like to split the prize please email me. Thanks, juliejules268@gmail.com

  71. Hello,
    I have duplicates of quite a few pieces. I am interested in trading for any of the following:
    105, 107, 110, 113, 117, 122, 125, 126, 131, 134, 137, 138, 139, 142, 145, 146, 147, 153, 158, 160, 165, 167, 179, 184, 188, 191, 197, 202, 204, 207, 213

  72. I have 105A and the rest of the pieces for the million besides 107A. Email me if you’re interested in buying or have that one rare piece everyone is looking for!

  73. I have 105 need 107, 25-75 split in your favor, that’s $460,000.00 to you, I am not greedy I can do a lot with $155,000.00. Email matt@capecodvalet.co

  74. I have 122C. Looking for 117C. Willing to trade. Please drop me an email at prettyguy100@gmail.com with the 117C picture image that you have

  75. I have 105A and 137F for sale.
    Asking $200 for 105A and $100 for 137F.
    Send me an email and ill send the pictures of the pieces for verification.
    You can pay me through paypal to make it easy and secure. My paypal email is different than this one, so send me an email first.


  76. Delores, thank you for responding to my post. If you have 117 I can supply the other tickets needed for the 100,000 call or text me at 609-675-5578 (IXOYE)

  77. Hello! I am looking for the following…

    105A & 107A
    110B & 113B
    117C & 122C
    132E & 134E
    137F & 138F
    142G & 135G
    146H & 147H

    Let me know if you’ve got any of these and we can work out a deal!! Thank you!

  78. Have 147H for sale. Offers? eBay took my listing down.

  79. I have bought many monopoly tickets on ebay, and one thing I noticed is how often the posts get taken down. The post will disappear and the person will just not send the tickets! I have had this happen to me 4 times! So don’t get them from ebay. I think ebay keeps taking the auctions down.
    I have bought them from this other place, monopolytickets.tictail.com. Fortunately since their not through ebay the posts never get taken down. All the times I bought from them they got the tickets to me pretty fast and had great communication. I would highly recommend getting them there instead of ebay.
    Good luck everyone! Hoping for that 107A!

  80. Willing to sell #110,make offer lmiller08096@gmail.com

  81. Willing to sell#110 make offer lmiller08096@gmail.com

  82. I have #110 willing to sell,make offer. lmiller08096@gmail.com

  83. I have 2 semi rare pieces 110b and 126d. I’m willing to sell and or split prizes if someone has the other piece. Email me. Hovan.piranosian@gmail.com.

    • Hello everyone,
      To make this short and sweet I have doubles and triples of so many tickets if you need them!
      I need the following

      105 & 107
      110 & 113
      117& 122
      125 & 126
      131 & 134
      137 & 138
      142 & 145
      146& 147
      153 & 158
      160 & 165

      Please email me if you have them or need anything that’s in these category’s not listed above!


      Thank you!

  84. I have both semi rare pieces 126d and 110b. If anyone is willing to buy or split email me. Hovan.piranosian@gmail.com

  85. If anyone has 107a I’ll split the million with you, I have the rest

  86. I have 145G and I am looking for 142G to complete prize
    Contact me if you can help

  87. In search of piece 146H willing to pay $

    Thank you!

  88. You guys really trade this stuff! If so I have multiple of all the commons… So basically It breaks down to im missing 2 of every prize that is valued over $10,000 and 1 of every prize that is valued under $10,000. If you are missing more than that let me know and I will help you out, no charge. Just respond.

  89. Hi, I am looking to sell my 145 G game piece. Send your best offer to exandra2006@yahoo.com.

  90. I have 110B – need 113B for the $500K vacation home. If you have 113B but still need 110B, want to split the award?

  91. Hi there! I am looking for the following pieces and am interested in trading if I have some you need. Please email me at nlthomas88@gmail.com


  92. I have 110b if anyone wants to make an offer let me know: djblond12@yahoo.com

  93. I have 105A if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I live in the Seattle area.

  94. Does anyone have:

  95. Does anyone know what states this particular game is covering? I am in NJ.

  96. Hi All!

    I have all pieces except the following semi-rare & rare numbers below.
    Looking to buy if anyone has and wants to sell. Thanks!

    105A, 107A
    110B, 113B
    117C, 122C
    125D, 126D
    131E, 134E
    137F, 138F
    142G, 145G
    146H, 147H

  97. I am looking for 117C. If you have it text me at 609-675-5578 Thanks. Sincerely, Lance

  98. I am looking for 133e and 134e

    I have:

    for trade, or we could work somthing out.

  99. Hi,

    Willing to buy 131E and 134E, please send picture and price(or trade) to akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com.

    Thank you

  100. So I checked four websites and found five people who said they have 107A. Since there is only three out there, two people are full of crap. And the chances that out of the 100’s of millions of pieces, all the rare 107A’s have been found and those three people have visited these sites to find the semi-rare piece because not one of them would do what any of the rest of us would do if we had it and buy cheap grocieries until we got the semi-rare piece! If someone tells you they have the rare piece, they are lying. Either to make a buck off of you or just because it’s fun. And for all those out there, NO ONE is trading a semi-rare or rare for commons. We all have them. That’s why they are called commons. 🙂

    • i’m trying to find more info about the rare pieces also. what websites did you look at regarding 107A? Do you think it is true that the only three have been found already? Thanks for your insight!

  101. Hi,

    Im looking for:
    131E, 134E,207Y, 204X, 197V, 1720 and 191U

    if anyone want to trade ill be happy to, my email is akagiredsunskt@hotmail.com

    I have:
    192U, 198V, 209Y, 196V, 161L(2),151J,101A, 169N, 135F, 205X, 183R, 149H, 196V, 118C, 157K, 206X, 149H,169N, 119C, 127D

  102. crsfffghjkgfcxcvbjuytfc says:

    hi will trade ,split the prize or barter for tickets or buy them

  103. Trying my luck here for 105A and 107A but also looking for 174O for the ipad for school. Please email me if anyone has them and wants to trade/barter/sell – guilty[TAKETHISOUT]ofx@gmail.com

    tl;dr Looking for 105A, 107A,110B, 111B, 113B, 117C, 122C, 174O. Have remaining pieces and willing to give all/$ for specific pieces.

  104. I have pieces 105A and 137F. Looking for someone who finds 107A and 138F to split prize!!


  105. Unfortunately, I need all of the rare pieces (except 146h). I have a TON of doubles of pretty much every “common” piece if anyone is willing to trade. My email is katemontag@live.com is anyone is interested!

    *$5 Grocery gift card 213Z
    •$10 Grocery gift card 207Y
    •$15 Grocery gift card 204X
    •$25 Cash 202W
    •$25 Grocery gift card 197V
    •$50 Grocery g.c. 191U
    •$100 Grocery g.c. 188S
    •$100 Cash 184R
    •$500 Apple iPad Air 174O
    •$200 Cash 179Q
    •$200 Grocery g.c. 177P
    •$550 Redbox g.c. 167N
    •$1,000 Getaway 165M
    •$1,000 Cash 160L
    •$2,500 BigJoe Grill 158K
    •$5,000 Cash 153J
    •$10,000 Vacation 147H
    •$10,000 Jet Ski 142G, 145G
    •$20,000 College Tuition 137F, 138F
    •$35,000 Vehicle 131E, 134E
    •$50,000 Home Makeover 125D, 126D
    •$100,000 Cash/Tesla 117C, 122C
    •$500,000 Vacation Home 110B, 113B
    •$1,000,000 Cash 105A, 107A

  106. This game sucks from Jewel. I work at a fire department where each shift shops there on a daily basis. There are 7 guys on a shift at the station I work at. We spend $70.00 there a day on meals 7 days a week. We haven’t even won a $20.00 gift card yet and we have been keeping track of this since the start. We didn’t win anything last year either. Just saying we spend more money there than a normal person would. $490 a week if you do the math and still have not won anything.

  107. I have 145 looking for 142

    10,0000 jet skI


  108. Im in need of 107A 105A and a few others i cant think of off the top my head i have alot of other game pieces willing to make a deal email me if you have what i need

  109. Steve, with 117C, I have the other difficult part for that prize and will make a very reasonable offer. Text me at 609-675-5578

  110. If anyone has 105A, 107A, 110B, 113B, 117C. Willing to trade or? I have lots of doubles.

  111. I have 126D, if anyone has 125D! Let’s make a deal!! sabrinamsampson@gmail.com

  112. Hi guys

    I need


    Willing to split the prize 50-50
    Email me

  113. I have 113. I need 110, slip 50/50?

  114. I’m going to write a list of what I need still, I”m willing to pay or split prize…
    For 1,000,000$ I need 105a and 107a

    for 100,000 I just need ***117C *****


    im in pa

  115. I have 126D, make me an offer, or maybe a 50/50% split?


  116. Hi, I’m in Texas, looking for 117c, 122c, 125d,126d but what I really want is any of these 3 pieces>>>>>>> 160L, 158k, or 153J<<<<<<< if you have any text 682-704-1845 or email rikichapa@yahoo.com willing to trade/pay. I have all the 101A-116B with the exception of the rare 105a,107a, 110b, 113b up for trade.Thanks

  117. How do we know if this contest is legitimate? Eg, they could print many more tickets than are expected to be distributed by the last day of the contest. If they print twice as many tickets as expected, the chance of any prize drops to half of the published odds.

    According to the official rules they have printed 480,180,000 tickets. Does anyone know how many tickets are left over after the contest? Has anyone won an online instant prize? Has anyone won a major prize?

    I have been playing this game for probably 3 yrs and have not won anything.

  118. Hi everyone. I need the following:

    142G, 145G, 153J, 177P, 160L, 146H, 147H, 165M, 110B, 113B, 158K, 117C, 122C, 125D, 125D.

    I have a lot of duplicates too. Willing to trade, sell, or split.

    Thanks 🙂

  119. You can contact me at 720 233 5442 if anyone has 110B and 113B I’m willing to pay and trade

  120. I need 110B and 113b I’m willing to pay well and trade

  121. I have 147H, 148H, 149H and 150H. Looking to work with someone with the 146H piece. Let’s talk!

  122. I have 105A and 131E. Willing to sell both. Email me if interested. I live near Portland, Oregon. Thank you.

  123. If anyone has the following please email me


    I know they are all rare but they are out there somewhere. !



  125. I have 122C for the 100,000 anyone has 117C we can split it
    I have 131E for the $35,000 car -> need 134
    I have 145G for the $10,00 jetski -> need 143G
    willling to sell or trade both above or buy or trade those off of you

  126. I have 105a, willing to sell it, email me cindyruvi@yahoo.com

  127. I have 146 H and I have 126 D if you want to buy or barter for them. Email me at zzzjnzzz@aol.com I will entertain all offers no matter how big or small or silly or extreme. Thanks

  128. I have 137F does anyone have 138 lets work together and beat Albertsons scam odds. kharman00@gmail.com

  129. Hello I need 105/107/108

    I have : 103/106/109/112/116/133/121/124/133/136/148/151/157/159/161/163/162/170/173/176

  130. I live in Washington State and I have all except the following. I’m pretty sure I have 2 or 3 of each piece I do have so lets chat and possibly both win. You can email me at maxandcoal@gmail.com

    I Need


  131. I am willing to trade 110B with 117A. Contact me 773-691-1396

  132. I have 122C, so if anyone has 117, we should talk, those are the harder parts to get for the $100,000

  133. I need 113B in exchange of anything. Let me know at 773-691-1396. If anyone has 105A and 107A that would be great as well. I’m willing to trade or give away some pieces. I have so much extra.

  134. Hi, I am looking to sell my 105A game piece. Is anyone interested? Send your best offer to ChicagoiL1342@gmail.com. Thanks! Maggie

  135. I just launched a free website to help track and check your Monopoly game pieces. You can save your progress and it will quickly tell you if a piece is a duplicate of one you already have.


  136. Here is a list of THE RARE tickets:

    105A*, 107A $1,000,000 Cash
    110B*, 113B $500,000 Vacation Home
    117C, 122C* $100,000 Cash or 2015 Tesla
    125D, 126D* $50,000 Home Makeover
    131E* , 134E $35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice
    137F*, 138F $20,000 College Tuition
    142G, 145G* $10,000 Jet Ski
    146H, 147H* $10,000 Family Vacation
    153J $5,000 Cash
    158K $2,500 BigJoe & Groceries
    160L $1,000 Cash
    165M $1,000 Romantic Weekend Getaway
    167N $550 Redbox Movies for a Year
    174O $500 Apple iPad Air
    177P $200 Grocery Gift Card
    179Q $200 Cash
    184R $100 Cash
    188S $100 Grocery Gift Card
    191U $50 Grocery Gift Card
    197V $25 Grocery Gift Card
    202W $25 Cash
    204X $15 Grocery Gift Card
    207Y $10 Grocery Gift Card
    213Z $5 Grocery Gift Card

  137. 105A*, 107A $1,000,000 Cash
    110B*, 113B $500,000 Vacation Home
    117C, 122C* $100,000 Cash or 2015 Tesla
    125D, 126D* $50,000 Home Makeover
    131E* , 134E $35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice
    137F*, 138F $20,000 College Tuition
    142G, 145G* $10,000 Jet Ski
    146H, 147H* $10,000 Family Vacation
    153J $5,000 Cash
    158K $2,500 BigJoe & Groceries
    160L $1,000 Cash
    165M $1,000 Romantic Weekend Getaway
    167N $550 Redbox Movies for a Year
    174O $500 Apple iPad Air
    177P $200 Grocery Gift Card
    179Q $200 Cash
    184R $100 Cash
    188S $100 Grocery Gift Card
    191U $50 Grocery Gift Card
    197V $25 Grocery Gift Card
    202W $25 Cash
    204X $15 Grocery Gift Card
    207Y $10 Grocery Gift Card
    213Z $5 Grocery Gift Card

  138. I have 131E. Putting it out there for anyone who has 134E.

  139. hey guys, this is what I’m looking for,
    1740 , 160L, 165M, 153J, 177R
    I know these are most likely rare pieces, but if you have them please email me at madisonsarvis@yahoo.com
    willing to trade and/or pay.

  140. If you have any of these please reply to me or email me at Mirhan9ronaldo7@yahoo.com
    I have many tickets to trade.
    these are the following that I need, if you dont see a number there then it means that I have extra.
    101A, 105A, 107A
    110B, 113B, 115B
    117C, 122C
    125D, 126D
    131E, 134E
    137F, 138F
    142G, 145G
    146H, 147H
    151J, 153J, 154J
    172O, 174O
    179Q 180Q, 182Q,
    191U, 192U

  141. Anyone have 174O? Have plenty to trade. Willing to purchase as well.

  142. I have a boat load of extra pieces no real rare/semi rare but am willing to trade

  143. Does anyone have 130 and 129 for the vehicle of your choice? i dont have much but I have some I can trade since theyre both considered pretty common.



  146. Is there a URL to find out which ones are rare? Would save us all a lot of time. If not, I could probably do the job on my website.

  147. Does anyone have 153j and 131e I have a lot extra to trade

  148. Warren, I have 104A and 108A

  149. J, I have 104A, 108A, 115B, and 116B and many more. Let me know if you want to trade. Is anyone responding on here?

  150. I need 142G and 145G for the jetski, I have a TON so if you do indeed have those, I can help u out with something I am sure! oh, and 167N-for redbox…177P for the 200gf…179Q …160L and 165M. Please help me!!! I really need to win something for once!

  151. need 113b, willing to trade or pay!

  152. if anybody has 105a or 107a and wants to trade let me know! 🙂

  153. Any body have 104 thru 107
    117 122. 131 134 ill trade and i get more daily so let me know

  154. Why am I also getting blue sets with codes that begin with letters and dont match the board??

    • I don’t have any idea but I saw another Lise. I just have a few pieces I assume are common I got while traveling. Just checking which ones are in demand & nostalgic for the days when our medium town had Albertsons.

  155. Anyone have 165m? I have a bunch to trade! Jevahnna.tijerina@gmail.com

  156. anyone have 110b or 113b ?

  157. I have 180Q, 195V, 115B, 124D, 182Q, 201W, 196V, 192U, 170N, 172O, 114B, 176P

  158. Does anyone have 146H, I know it is a rare one but is the only one I need for the $10,000 Family Vacation.

  159. If anybody has 107A I’ll trade all my extras and you’ll be compensated greatly (: it’s the last one I need

  160. enjoy licking the glue for a free bagel. What a joke 500,000,000 game pieces over 7 states or more? F’ing joke.

  161. I need 104a 105a an 107a we can split the prize if u have it let get paid

  162. WTHeck. I gave them my phone number to be asked to print out a form and affix my game piece to it. Next I am to bring it to the Albertsons customer service. For what is my grand prize…2 more game pieces.

    Yikes on what is being asked for game pieces I get handed in bunches for free when I buy anything (gum, …).

  163. To Nope: How could it be a scam when they give you the pieces for free? Sure, buying certain products or shopping there more often will get you more pieces, but that’s your own choice. I have an Albertson’s nearby and already shop there regularly (but not exclusively). I figure as long as I’m there and they are offering the pieces, I’ll take ’em and give it a whirl…and one time I DID win! It was only a $50 gift certificate, but hey! How often do I get a $50 kickback just for doing my normal shopping? So although the odds may be long, YES the prizes are legit, and real people DO win, and there is nothing to lose (unlike the lottery which is NOT free to play). Overall, I find it a fun addition to an otherwise tedious necessity (grocery shopping), which encourages me to continue shopping there (which is a win for Albertson’s), and that does not constitute a scam by any measure.

    If you don’t want your game pieces, please tell the cashier to keep them. If one happens to have a rare/semi-rare stamp inside, no one can win the prize if you take it and then throw it away.

  164. Thanks! Well written, informative article. I both learned and laughed. Top notch journalism hidden on a website I’ve never heard of or visited.

  165. This game is about as close to a scam as you can legally get.
    With these odds, it’s not even worth the time to tear the game pieces and read which ones you got.