A&P weather vane

A few months after A&P declared bankruptcy in July, time is running out for the remaining, unclaimed A&P, Food Basics, Food Emporium, Pathmark, Super Fresh, Waldbaum’s and Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits stores to find buyers that may continue to operate them as grocery stores, before they’re shut down for good.

In the meantime, more than a hundred stores have found buyers. Here is the latest list of the status of each store, which will be continually updated as more buyers emerge. So if your store is still on the long list of stores for sale, keep coming back here for the newest developments.

The latest updates:

August 5:
Nearly lost in the shuffle of all the store sales, was the fact that A&P still had several liquor stores to unload. Today, the bankruptcy court announced that A&P has successfully auctioned 11 out of 17 of them (see the full list below).

April 7:
It’s been a while since there was any update, as the A&P story has mostly wound down. But there is one bit of news, about the fate of one store. After the winning bidder of the A&P in Millwood, NY did not follow through with the purchase, A&P has now moved to reject the lease, giving up hope of selling it to another purchaser and leaving the property to the leaseholder.

February 9:
Two more A&P-owned stores will live on – or at least their names will. Key Food has announced its purchase of the SuperFresh name, which it plans to use on various new and existing stores. It had earlier acquired the Food Emporium banner. And food cooperative Allegiance Retail Services, which supplies stores such as Foodtown, Freshtown, D’Agostino and others has purchased the Pathmark name and other related intellectual property assets. The Pathmark banner “still has strong equity among consumers,” the company said in a statement, “and Allegiance plans on further strengthening the Pathmark name with new merchandising and operational enhancements.”

January 28:
The list of unsold stores is growing shorter. Wakefern, the parent company of ShopRite, has made an offer for the Waldbaums on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa, leaving just a handful of stores that A&P is still trying to sell.

January 26:
The New Utrecht Waldbaums in Brooklyn finally has a buyer – and it’s not the bidder that placed an offer two weeks ago. The owner of Asian market J-Mart outbid baseline bidder Z&CCW, Inc. at an auction today. Z&CCW never confirmed its interest, or affiliation with Chinese grocer Fei Long Market, to Coupons in the News, and outright denied it to the publication Bensonhurst Bean. But now, it doesn’t much matter, as Z&CCW is the mere backup bidder, in case for any reason the sale to J-Mart doesn’t go through.

January 25:
A&P has rejected four more leases, including two locations that K.A.M. Food Stores had offered to purchase – a Waldbaums in Tottenville, NY and a Pathmark on Staten Island. K.A.M. failed to follow through with the planned purchases, so now the stores will be left to their landlords, along with an A&P in Califon, NJ and a Pathmark in Garwood, NJ.

January 12:
It’s about time – after months of speculation and unconfirmed rumors, A&P has finally confirmed with the bankruptcy court that it’s entered into an agreement with ACME, which plans to purchase the Boonton, NJ and Patterson, NY A&P stores, as well as a Best Cellars liquor store in Old Greenwich/Riverside, CT.

Meanwhile, the New Utrecht Waldbaums in Brooklyn, which Key Food had once hoped to buy, now has a $10 million bid from an entity called Z&CCW, Inc. The sales agreement suggests that Z&CCW is associated with the Chinese grocer Fei Long Market, but the buyer’s contact has not responded to a request for confirmation. If any other interested buyers come forward, A&P plans to hold an auction on January 26th, otherwise, Z&CCW wins.

January 11:
After a long period of inactivity and rejected leases, A&P has finally managed to sell a few more stores. Fresh Emporium Food Market has made offers for the Pathmark locations in Woodport/Lake Hopatcong and Landing, NJ, while Valley Cottage Food has offered to buy the A&P in Valley Cottage, NY.

January 6:
The list of stores A&P hopes to sell is getting shorter. A&P and its designee A&G Realty Partners have moved to reject the leases of nine more stores, essentially giving up hope of selling them and leaving it to the landlords to find tenants on their own. The affected stores are below, under the heading “Rejected Leases”.

December 29:
Foodtown operator Estevez Markets has now made an offer for the A&P in Hastings, NY. Shanghai Enterprises won the store at auction in October, but A&P filed a complaint against it earlier this month, after Shanghai failed to follow through with its purchase.

December 24:
The number of stores that A&P still hopes to sell is rapidly diminishing. Three more stores have been added to the list of those whose leases A&P intends to reject (see the full list of affected stores, under the heading “Rejected Leases”, below). That leaves just 20 stores for which A&P is still actively seeking buyers.

December 23:
A&P has filed a complaint against K.A.M. Food Stores, which offered to purchase a Waldbaums in Tottenville, NY and a Pathmark on Staten Island, but has failed to follow through with the planned purchases.

December 22:
A&P has moved to reject the leases of 34 stores, essentially abandoning the properties (see the full list of affected stores, under the heading “Rejected Leases”, below). There’s still a chance the stores could be leased to food retailers, but it will now be up to the landlords to find new tenants for themselves. That means A&P, together with A&G Realty Partners, has whittled down the list of stores they still hope to sell, to 19 – in addition to the A&P-owned liquor stores and four other stores (see the December 9th update) that A&P hopes to sell on its own.

December 21:
With no more stores to run, who needs a headquarters? A&P has now moved to reject the lease of its Montvale, NJ home base, where it ran the company for more than four decades after relocating from New York City.

December 18:
The last unsold Food Emporium store has found a buyer. A&P plans to sell the E. 59th Street store in New York, to D2D Bridgemarket, LLC. Meanwhile, A&P has filed a complaint against Shanghai Enterprises for not following through with its planned purchase of the A&P store in Hastings, NY. Shanghai was the winning bidder at auction, but has failed to complete the purchase.

December 16:
The A&P in Millwood, NY was sold at auction more than two months ago. But buyer Ruben Luna, and his company Millwood Merchant LLC, never took ownership, due to a disagreement with the landlord. Now A&P wants its money back – plus interest, damages and attorney’s fees. Luna committed to buying the store, A&P says in court papers filed today, so it wants Luna to either go through with the purchase – or pay the price.


December 14:
One store that A&P had planned to sell through A&G Realty Partners is off the market – A&P has now entered into an agreement to sell the Dix Hills Pathmark to the property’s landlord.

December 9:
One closed store that A&P had hoped to sell through A&G Realty Partners (see below entry) will now be the landlord’s responsibility to sell. A&P has requested to reject the lease of the Waldbaums on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn, essentially abandoning it and returning the property to its owner.

Meanwhile, what’s the mystery over the impending store sales to ACME? For weeks, it’s been rumored that the Boonton, NJ store would be sold to ACME, and now the landlord of the Patterson, NY location says ACME is in negotiations to purchase its store as well. Both stores, along with two others, were notably left off a list of remaining locations to be marketed for sale by a third party. But A&P has made no mention of the proposed ACME deal to the bankruptcy court. So the Patterson landlord has filed a motion with the court, seeking more information from A&P about the proposed sale.

December 4:
Two noteworthy developments: First, K-50-15 Corp., an affiliate of PSK/Foodtown, has offered $1 million for the Pathmark name and other intellectual property assets, including the store’s logo, website and social media accounts. PSK has already purchased, and converted to Foodtown, a Pathmark in the Bradhurst neighborhood of New York City, so it’s not yet known what its plans might be for the Pathmark name.

Second, A&P acknowledged that it is having a difficult time finding buyers for 55 remaining unsold grocery stores, and is now seeking court approval to sell the stores’ designation rights to a third party, A&G Realty Partners. That means A&G will assume responsibility for marketing the stores to potential buyers. A&P will receive an up-front fee, be relieved of rent payments, and split the proceeds of any sales with A&G. Not on the list are the Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits stores that are still being marketed for sale, and four other stores – the Utrecht Ave. Waldbaums in Brooklyn, the Lackawanna Plaza Pathmark in Montclair, NJ, the Route 22 A&P in Patterson, NY, and the A&P in Boonton, NJ, which has been the subject of so-far unconfirmed rumors that it will be sold to ACME. The four stores’ exclusion from the list suggests that negotiations may already be underway with potential buyers.

November 30:
According to the store locators on their respective websites, A&P, Superfresh, Pathmark and Waldbaums now have no more open stores. Key Food was the successful bidder for the Food Emporium brand, so that banner will live on, but for the rest, it’s all over.

November 20:
The judge approved the sale of the Flatlands Pathmark to Food Bazaar, overruling original bidder Lee & Associates’ objection.

November 17:
If real estate broker Lee & Associates really wanted the Pathmark on Flatlands Ave. in Brooklyn, they kind of blew it. Lee & Associates was the winning bidder last month, but has failed to close on the deal. So A&P today sought approval to sell the store to the backup bidder, Food Bazaar, instead.

November 13:
The bankruptcy judge has approved A&P’s request to extend the time it has to file its bankruptcy plan to March 16th, giving the company that much more time to try to sell its remaining (by then, empty) stores.

November 12:
Four more stores have moved from the “for sale” column to the (tentatively) “sold” column, as three buyers have come forward to make offers for four stores in New York and New Jersey (see the first list below for details).

November 11:
For the first time in a week, A&P has sold another store, but just one – a Pathmark in Ramsey, New Jersey (see the first list below for details).

November 4:
Best Yet Market, which has already agreed to purchase four stores on Long Island, NY, has agreed to buy five more, plus one of the last unclaimed Food Emporium stores in New York City (see the first list below).

November 3:
The recently-announced sale of A&P’s intellectual property assets did not include the Food Emporium, which was presumed to mean that negotiations were already underway with a potential buyer for the banner. Now, court documents reveal that Key Food has put in a bid for $1.75 million, for the Food Emporium name and other intellectual property like the store’s website, mobile app and e-commerce business.

October 29:
What will become of your personal information, if you’re a member of an A&P-owned store’s loyalty program? Read more about it here.

October 27:
A&P has managed to sell two additional stores, in Peekskill, NY and New Castle, DE (see the list below). Meanwhile, the bankruptcy judge has approved A&P’s earlier request to extend the time by which it has to sell or abandon its remaining stores, to February 15th – though with going-out-of-business sales already well underway, it remains quite likely that no A&P-owned stores will still be operating by then.

October 23:
A&P has announced that, in addition to actual stores, it’s selling its intellectual property. That includes the A&P (and Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, etc.) names themselves, slogans, store brand names and customer data. Read more about it here. Also, A&P has requested to reject the lease, or simply walk away from, its store at 160 E. 125th St. in New York.

October 19:
With numerous going-out-of-business sales either planned, underway or concluded, A&P has signaled that it plans to be out of the grocery-selling business before Thanksgiving. Still, it has requested an extension of the deadline by which it has to either sell its remaining stores or abandon the leases, until February 15th. That would give it a bit more time to find potential buyers, though the stores will most likely be long-since closed by then. Meanwhile, the company has announced just one additional sale, of a Pathmark on Staten Island (listed below).

October 16:
A hearing is scheduled today, in which A&P will ask the court to approve most of the preliminary sales agreements listed below. Read this story for more information.

October 13:
Still no word on whether the remaining stores might be auctioned, but at least a couple of stores have been sold to individual buyers (listed below). So more stores may continue to be sold on a case-by-case basis, as opposed to holding another full-fledged auction.

October 9:
The winning bidders of the latest batch of 15 stores auctioned on October 8th have been announced (results are listed below). 8 unclaimed stores were auctioned, PSK won the two stores it had previously bid on, Dave-Marion won the store it had claimed, and Food Bazaar won two of the four stores on which it had placed stalking horse bids. There’s still no word on when the remaining stores might be auctioned.

October 7:
A&P has delayed most of the auctions originally scheduled for October 8th, until a date yet to be determined. Instead, just 8 of the 72 stores originally set to go on the auction block will be made available for sale, along with the stores that PSK, Food Bazaar and Dave-Marion have already bid on, to see if any higher offers come in.

October 6:
In court documents, A&P has revealed the winning bidders for 36 stores auctioned on October 1st and 2nd (listed below). Those sales are scheduled for approval by the court on October 16th. 72 stores that were not sold, will get another chance on the auction block on October 8th (the others move to the “fate unknown” column).

October 3:
Until the auctions are concluded and the sales are final, the bankruptcy judge has reportedly warned attendees against leaking information. But there have been at least a couple of leaks. Two unions have posted information on their websites about stores whose employees they represent, that they say have been auctioned so far (see the lists below). The stores that are still unclaimed, will head for another round of auctions on October 8th.

October 1:
Journalists were not invited in to witness the first round of auctions, and A&P has not said publicly what the outcome was. So there’s no confirmed information just yet as to the fate of the stores that were sold, or not sold.

September 30:
All but one of the stores claimed by Key Food have been taken off the open auction block, for now, pending any better offers that come along. Key Food is now looking to buy 16 stores, and has given up its claim to one store, the New Utrecht Waldbaums in Brooklyn, so that location is still set to be sold at auction on Thursday. A few more stores are also now off the open auction list – PSK Foods, which operates Foodtown and Freshtown stores, has staked a claim on two stores (listed below) and retail real estate company Dave-Marion Corp. is the stalking horse bidder for an A&P in Marlboro, NJ.

September 28:
A&P revealed that it has received approximately 300 bids from more than 100 bidders, for 128 stores. It intends to auction those stores in two groups, on October 1st and 2nd (both groups are listed below). The fate of the remaining few dozen stores not yet claimed, closed or up for auction (also listed below), is yet to be determined.

September 25:
Food Bazaar put in bids for four stores (listed below). Those bids will be considered final if no one else makes an offer before October 8th. And Federal Realty Investment Trust has made offers for three stores (listed below). It’s unclear what the retail real estate company will do with the locations if its bids are successful.

September 24:
Wakefern, the parent company of ShopRite, has been named the stalking horse bidder for a dozen A&P, Pathmark and Waldbaum’s stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut (listed below). The sales will be approved if no other bidder comes forward before October 8th. And local grocer Morton Williams has staked a claim on a trio of Food Emporiums in New York City (listed below), pending an auction scheduled on October 1st (update: Key Food outbid Morton Williams on the 8th Ave & W. 50th St. Food Emporium).


Store Address City State Buyer
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 25 Broadway Ave Mystic CT CCAC, LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 28A Halls Rd Old Lyme CT CCAC, LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 117 Boston Post Rd Waterford CT Yogesh Shandilay
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 2400 Berlin Tpk Newington CT Hashmukh Patel
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 767 Pine Street Bristol CT Hashmukh Patel
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 45 Pearl Street Metuchen NJ CVS
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 1205 Richmond Ave Pt Pleasant NJ Asha Patel, Jaimini Parikh, Jigar Amin and Yogesh Sheth
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 1103 Howard Blvd Ledgewood NJ Gunvant Patel, Harshad Patel, Pooja Goel, Valit Patel and Hymavathi Raghu
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 534 Bergen Blvd Palisade Park NJ ABK Industries, LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 57 Route 46 Hackettstown NJ Deanna M. Romano
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 1069 Ringwood Ave Haskell NJ Gunvant Patel, Harshad Patel, Pooja Goel, Valit Patel and Hymavathi Raghu



Store Address City State Buyer
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 282 Elm Street New Canaan CT RAJ Wine, LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 46B Danbury Rd Ridgefield CT Chestnut Management & Service Company, LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 30 Irvington Ave Westwood NJ Chase Spirits LLC
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 23 Summit Ave Summit NJ Ami A. Patel, Mudit Maheshwari and Amita Sheth
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 1259 Boston Post Rd. Old Greenwich CT Jaykumar Shah and Amish S. Shah
Waldbaums 5508 Sunrise Hwy Massapequa NY Wakefern (ShopRite)
Waldbaums 81-21 N Utrecht Ave Brooklyn NY JMart Group, Inc.
A&P 550 Myrtle Ave Boonton NJ ACME
A&P 3101 Route 22 Patterson NY ACME
Best Cellars 1237 East Putnam Ave. Riverside CT ACME
Pathmark 757 Rt. 15 Woodport/Lake Hopatcong NJ Fresh Emporium Food Market Corp.
Pathmark 175 Lakeside Boulevard & Center Landing NJ Fresh Emporium Food Market Corp.
A&P 14 Lake Ridge Plaza Valley Cottage NY Valley Cottage Food Inc.
A&P 87 Main Street Hastings NY Estevez Markets, Inc. (Foodtown)
Food Emporium 405 East 59th St New York NY D2D Bridgemarket, LLC
Pathmark 683 Old Country Road Dix Hills NY LG Other Associates, LLC
A&P 560 Valley Road Wayne NJ Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc.
A&P 19 Bellville Ave. Bloomfield NJ UB Bloomfield I, LLC
Pathmark 10 Triangle Plaza – Lake Road Ext. Ramsey NJ Uncle G’s Management Corp. (Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace)
Waldbaums 211 Middle Country Road Selden NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Pathmark 155 Islip Avenue Islip NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Waldbaums 40 Great Neck Road Great Neck NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Pathmark 531 Montauk Highway West Babylon NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Pathmark 800 Montauk Highway Shirley NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Food Emporium 316 Greenwich St New York NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Superfresh 2044 New Castle Avenue New Castle DE L&S Properties, Inc.
A&P 20 Welcher Ave Peekskill NY Key Food Stores
A&P 2005 Albany Post Rd. Croton on Hudson NY PSK (Foodtown/Freshtown)
Pathmark 2875 Richmond Avenue Staten Island NY Fox Hill II, Inc.
A&P 315 Pascack Rd Washington Twp NJ Nicholas Markets, Inc.
Pathmark 101 Wicks Road Brentwood NY Bogopa Service Corp. (Food Bazaar)



Store Address City State Buyer
Pathmark 22-00 Maple Avenue Fairlawn NJ Oster Fairlawn Properties, LLC
Pathmark 492 East Atlantic Avenue East Rockaway NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Pathmark 176-82 West Chelten Ave Philadelphia PA Norristown Thriftway, Inc.
Waldbaums 84 Jericho Tpke Commack NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
A&P 1002 Rte 36 Navesink NJ Navesink Center, LLC
A&P 805 Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck NY CW A&P Mamaroneck, LLC
Pathmark 300 West 145th Street New York NY PSK (Foodtown/Freshtown)
Waldbaums 245 Route 25A Rocky Point NY PSK (Foodtown/Freshtown)
A&P 460 County Line Road Route 520 Marlboro NJ Dave-Marion
A&P 425 Anderson Avenue Fairview NJ Food Bazaar
Food Basics 1425 Kennedy Blvd. North Bergen NJ Food Bazaar
Pathmark 111-10 Flatlands Avenue Brooklyn NY Food Bazaar
Pathmark 211 Elmora Avenue Elizabeth NJ Food Bazaar



A&P 216 Old Tappan Rd Old Tappan NJ Estevez Markets, Inc. (Foodtown)
A&P 195 North Bedford Rd. Mt. Kisco NY Stop & Shop
A&P 1233 Nepperhan Ave. Yonkers NY CVS
Food Basics 414 Main St. Belleville NJ BX&M Food Corporation
Food Basics 498 East 30th St East Paterson NJ Fransula Foods (Compare Foods Supermarkets)
Food Basics 514 Van Houten Ave Passaic NJ Fransula Foods (Compare Foods Supermarkets)
Food Basics 2185 Coyle Street Brooklyn NY K.A.M. Food Store, Inc. (Met Food)
Food Emporium 422 Old Post Rd. Bedford NY Key Food Stores
Food Emporium 1175 3rd Avenue New York NY Key Food Stores
Food Emporium 1450 3rd Avenue New York NY Food Emporium Acquisition Corp. (Gristedes)
Food Emporium 969 Second Ave New York NY CVS
Food Emporium 2415 Broadway/250 W 90th St New York NY AF Norwich, LLC
Food Emporium 1331 1st Avenue New York NY Morton Williams
Food Emporium 452 West 43 St. New York NY Key Food Stores
Food Emporium 1066 3rd Avenue New York NY Morton Williams
Food Emporium 810 8th Ave/250 W 50th St New York NY Key Food Stores
Pathmark 561 Route 1, Unit B Edison NJ Tawa, Inc.
Pathmark 420 Grand Street Jersey City NJ Tawa, Inc.
Pathmark 2060 Sunrise Highway Bayshore NY Saxon Sunrise Realty, LLC
Pathmark 1245 61st Street Brooklyn NY Manischevitz Family LLC
Pathmark 1-37 12th Street Brooklyn NY Manischevitz Family LLC
Pathmark 410 West 207th Street New York NY 410 West 207th Acquisition LLC
Pathmark 130 Midland Avenue Port Chester NY Key Food Stores
Pathmark 100 Greaves Lane Staten Island NY Key Food Stores
Pathmark 1757 Central Park Avenue Yonkers NY Brixmor Operating Partnership LP, et al
Waldbaums 3100 Ocean Ave Brooklyn NY Fransula Foods (Compare Foods Supermarkets)
Waldbaums 133-11 20th Avenue College Point NY Wakefern (ShopRite)
Waldbaums 812 Montauk Hwy Ctr Moriches NY Key Food Stores
Waldbaums 4054 Nesconset Highway East Setauket NY Brixmor Operating Partnership
Waldbaums 777 Pulaski Road Greenlawn NY Shanghai Enterprises, LLC
Waldbaums 336 North Broadway Jericho NY H Mart, Inc.
Waldbaums 10205 Main Road Mattituck NY Key Food Stores
Waldbaums 1686 Merrick Rd Merrick NY Best Yet Market, Inc.
Waldbaums 440 W. Sunrise Highway N. Patchogue NY King Kullen
Waldbaums 70 Sunset Ave West Hampton NY Best Yet Market, Inc
Waldbaums 153-01 10th Ave Whitestone NY Feil Whitestone LLC and East 11th Holding, LLC



A&P 64 Brick Plaza Bricktown NJ
Pathmark 1157 Route 46 East Parsippany NJ
Waldbaums 890 Walt Whitman Road Melville NY



A&P 1 Padanaram Road Danbury CT
A&P 1643 Route 82 Lagrangeville NY
Pathmark 3901 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage NY
Pathmark 2335 New Hyde Park Road New Hyde Park NY
Pathmark 5005 Edgemont Avenue Brookhaven PA
Pathmark 140 North MacDade Boulevard Glenolden PA
Pathmark 330 Oregon Avenue Philadelphia PA
Pathmark 3399 Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia PA
Pathmark 4160 Monument Avenue Philadelphia PA
Pathmark 421 S. 69th Street Upper Darby PA
Pathmark 1000 Easton Road Wyncote PA
Waldbaums 1960 Deer Park Avenue Deer Park NY



A&P 5661 Riverdale Ave Bronx, NY
A&P 355 Halsted Ave Harrison, NY
Food Basics 289 Bergen Blvd. Fairview, NJ
Food Basics 937 Lincoln Ave Glen Rock, NJ
Food Basics 465 Getty Ave Paterson, NJ
Food Emporium 10 Union Sq 14th & Park New York NY
Pathmark 1525 Albany Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Waldbaums 1050 Willis Avenue Albertson, NY
Waldbaums 35-09 Francis Lewis Blvd Bayside, NY
Waldbaums 196-35 Horace Harding Expressway Flushing, NY
Waldbaums 1-1 Park Plaza Glen Head, NY
Waldbaums 259-01 Union Turnpike Glen Oaks, NY
Waldbaums 82-35 153rd Ave Howard Beach, NY
Waldbaums 75-55 31St Ave Jackson Heights, NY
Waldbaums 375 Tompkins Ave Rosebank, NY
Waldbaums 2424 Flatbush Avenue South Flatbush, NY



A&P 2007 State Route 35 Wall Township , NJ
A&P 100 Triangle Center Yorktown , NY
A&P 137 Lake Street Midland Park, NJ
A&P 125 Franklin Tnpk Mahwah, NJ
A&P 1260 Springfield Ave New Providence, NJ
A&P 610 Columbus Ave. Thornwood, NY
A&P 2160 Lemoine Ave Fort Lee, NJ
A&P 520 Chestnut Ridge Road Woodcliff Lake, NJ
A&P 660 Mclean Ave Yonkers, NY
A&P 3105 East Main Street Mohegan Lake, NY
A&P 123-125 Main Street Denville, NJ
A&P 125 18th Street Jersey City, NJ
A&P 45 Demercurio Drive Allendale, NJ
A&P 1511 Rte 22 Brewster, NY
A&P 801 Kenilworth Blvd Kenilworth, NJ
A&P 907D Oak Tree Road South Plainfield, NJ
A&P 5774 Berkshire Valley Rd. Jefferson Township, NJ
A&P 530 Rt 515 Unit 1 Vernon, NJ
A&P 507 Prospect Ave. Little Silver, NJ
A&P 614 Clinton St Hoboken, NJ
A&P Rt 22 and Rt 138 Goldens Bridge, NY
A&P 829 Route 82 Hopewell Junction, NY
A&P 12-14 Cedar Street Bronxville, NY
A&P 510 Valley Road Montclair, NJ
A&P 1201 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT
A&P 3 Village Center Mahopac, NY
A&P 1060 Raritan Road Clark, NJ
A&P 5 Ortley Plaza Ortley Beach, NJ
A&P 455 Rt23 North Sussex, NJ
A&P 261 South Ridge St. Rye Brook, NY
A&P 160 West Putnam Avenue Greenwich, CT
A&P 1886 Pleasantville Road Briarcliff Manor, NY
A&P 152 Route 94 Blairstown, NJ
A&P 1261 East Putnam Avenue Riverside, CT
A&P 777 White Plains Road Eastchester, NY
A&P 199 Kinderkamack Rd Park Ridge, NJ
A&P 103 Knollwood Road Greenburgh, NY
A&P 1366 East Main Street Shrub Oak, NY
A&P 55 Riverwalk Drive West West New York, NJ
A&P 23 Quaker Ridge Road New Rochelle, NY
A&P Rte 44 & North Ave Pleasant Valley, NY
A&P 288 Elm Street New Canaan, CT
A&P 990 Shrewsburry Ave Tinton Falls, NJ
A&P 3500 Route #9 Old Bridge, NJ
A&P 75 Mayhill Street Saddle Brook, NJ
A&P 177 Washington Valley Rd. Warrenville, NJ
Pathmark 321 Stadium Plaza Jersey City, NJ
Pathmark 58 Broad Way Elmwood Park, NJ
Pathmark 481 River Road Edgewater, NJ
Pathmark 2101-41 Cottman Ave. Philadelphia, PA
Pathmark 4100 Park Avenue Weehawken, NJ
Pathmark 80 New Bridge Road Bergenfield, NJ
Pathmark 281-295 Ferry Street Newark, NJ
Pathmark 5100 Wellington Avenue Ventnor, NJ
Pathmark 7700 Crittendan St Philadelphia, PA
Pathmark 100 College Square Newark, DE
Pathmark 4365 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington, DE
Pathmark 643 Conchester Highway Boothwyn, PA
Superfresh 180 West Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA
Superfresh 9507 Coastal Hwy Ocean City, MD
Superfresh 1305 West Chester Pike Haverton, PA
Superfresh 609 East Bay Avenue Manahawkin, NJ
Superfresh 800 2nd Street Pike Richboro, PA
Superfresh 1812 Marsh Rd Wilmington, DE
Superfresh 305 S. Fifth St. Philadelphia, PA
Superfresh 800 West Ave Ocean City, NJ
Superfresh 1001 South Street Philadelphia, PA
Superfresh 18578 Coastal Highway Rehoboth, DE
Superfresh 2400 Delaware Avenue Wildwood, NJ
Superfresh 250 E Lancaster Wynnewood, PA
Superfresh 1025 Youngsford Road Gladwynne, PA



A&P 400 Demarest Avenue Closter, NJ
Pathmark 407 Valley Street South Orange, NJ
Pathmark 460 Franklin Avenue Franklin Square, NY
Pathmark 130 Wheatley Plaza Greenvale, NY
Pathmark 1720 Eastchester Road Bronx, NY
Pathmark 2136 Bartow Avenue Bronx, NY
Pathmark 625 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Pathmark 2965 Cropsey Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Pathmark 134-40 Springfield Blvd Jamaica, NY
Pathmark 92-10 Atlantic Avenue Ozone Park, NY
Pathmark 31-06 Farrington Street Whitestone, NY
Pathmark 4055 Merrick Road Seaford, NY
Pathmark 1351 Forest Avenue Staten Island, NY
Pathmark 961 East 174th Street Bronx, NY
Pathmark 25 Kinnelon Road Kinnelon, NJ
Waldbaums 85 E. Park Ave. Long Beach, NY
Waldbaums 702 Hicksville Road Massapequa, NY
Waldbaums 167 Main St. Jagger Lane Southampton, NY
Waldbaums 905 Atlantic Ave Baldwin, NY
Waldbaums 156-01 Crossbay Blvd. Howard Beach, NY
Waldbaums 60 Wall Street Huntington, NY
Waldbaums 67 Newtown Lane Easthampton, NY
Waldbaums 112-15 Beach Channel Drive Bell Harbor, NY
Waldbaums 213-15 26th Avenue Bay Terrace, NY



A&P 2101 Route 35 Holmdel, NJ
A&P 325 Highway 35 South Cliffwood, NJ
Pathmark 1764 Grand Avenue Baldwin, NY
Pathmark 115 Belmont Avenue Belleville, NJ
Pathmark 450 West Swedesford Road Berwyn, PA
Pathmark 2150 Middle Country Road Centereach, NY
Pathmark 85 Ackerman Avenue Clifton, NJ
Pathmark 895 Paulison Avenue Clifton, NJ
Pathmark 50 Racetrack Road & Route 18 East Brunswick, NJ
Pathmark 561 Route 1 Edison, NJ
Pathmark 420 McDade Boulevard Folsom, PA
Pathmark 651 North Stiles Street Linden, NJ
Pathmark 1043 Route 9 North Old Bridge, NJ
Pathmark 840 Cottman Avenue Philadelphia, PA
Pathmark 85 Franklin Mills Boulevard Philadelphia, PA)
Pathmark 1256 Indian Head Road Toms River, NJ
Pathmark 300 South Best Avenue Walnutport, PA
Pathmark 3901 Lancaster Avenue Wilmington, DE
Superfresh 1301 Skippack Pike Center Square, PA
Superfresh 2105 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, DE
Superfresh 863 East Baltimore Pike Kennett Square, PA
Superfresh 1851 South Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia, PA
Waldbaums 2 Westbury Avenue Carle Place, NY
Waldbaums 3620 Long Beach Road Oceanside, NY
Waldbaums 1510 Old Country Road Riverhead, NY



Store Address City State Leaseholder
Best Cellars/A&P Wine & Spirits 40 Fenn Road Newington CT Hayes Kaufman Newington Associates LLC
A&P 230 Saw Mill River Rd. Millwood NY Millwood Center, LLC
Waldbaums 6400 Amboy Road Tottenville NY Amboy Plaza Realty, LLC
Pathmark 2730 Arthur Kill Road Staten Island NY CJAM Associates, LLC
A&P 431 County Road 513 Califon NJ Route 513 at Sliker Road, LLC
Pathmark 10 South Avenue Garwood NJ Gator Garwood Partners, Ltd
Superfresh 7162 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia PA Brixmor Ivyridge SC, LLC
A&P 47 Wanaque Avenue Pompton Lakes NJ UB Pompton Lakes I, LLC
A&P 1185 Amboy Ave Edison NJ Tano Shopping Center Ltd.
Pathmark 500 Lincoln Highway Fairless Hills PA KA at Fairless Hills, L.P.
Pathmark 1930 Route 88 Brick Twp. NJ Brixmor Laurel Square Owner, LLC
Pathmark 2540 Central Park Avenue Yonkers NY Acklinis Yonkers Realty LLC
A&P 525 East Route 46 Belvidere NJ Hike Enterprises, LLC
Pathmark 148 Sunset Boulevard New Castle DE Airport Associates
Pathmark 405 State Route 17 South Hackensack NJ 17 and Summit Associates, LP
Waldbaums 4560 Sunrise Hwy Oakdale NY Staltac Associates
Waldbaums 2475 Jericho Turnpike Garden City NY Garden City Park Associates, LLC
A&P 407 King George Road Basking Ridge NJ Bernards Plaza LLC
Pathmark 3020 Route 35 & Bethany Rd Hazlet NJ Goodrich Hazlet, LLC
Pathmark 3021 Grays Ferry Avenue Philadelphia PA Grays Ferry Shopping Center Associates
Food Basics 8920 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia PA MBB Realty Limited Partnership
Pathmark 5145 Nesconset Highway Port Jeff.Sta. NY Saul Lerner Management Corp.
Pathmark 2660 Hylan Avenue Staten Island NY Hylan Plaza 1339, LLC
Waldbaums 2162 Nesconset Highway Stony Brook NY Serota Brooktown I & II, LLC
A&P 49 Old Route 22 Clinton NJ Highway 22 Grocery Owners, LLC
Waldbaums 1530 Front Street East Meadow NY NW East Meadow Grocery LLC
A&P 105 South Ave Fanwood NJ 105 South Avenue, Inc.
Waldbaums 1235 Veterans Memorial Hwy Hauppauge NY Vets & Spartan, LLC
Pathmark 5801 Sunrise Highway Holbrook NY Marvin L. Lindner Associates LLC
Waldbaums 50 E. Hoffman Lindenhurst NY Hoffman Lindenhurst Grocery LLC
Pathmark 242 Lincoln Boulevard Middlesex NJ Naval Crest Associates, LLC
Pathmark 195 Rockland Center East Rt 59 Nanuet NY Rockland Center Associates, LLC
Superfresh 323 West Bridge Street New Hope PA New Hope Centers
Superfresh 401 New London Rd. Newark DE Eugene A. Delle Donne & Son, L.P.
Pathmark 1251 Deer Park Avenue North Babylon NY North Babylon Associates
Superfresh 12741 Ocean Gateway Ocean City MD Ocean City Factory Outlets I, LC
A&P 7 Naughright Rd Hackettstown NJ National Shopping Center Associates, LLC
Pathmark 95-101 New Brunswick Ave Hopelawn NJ Associated General Builders, Inc./G&K Realty
Pathmark 474-79 Lyons Avenue Irvington NJ Lyons Plaza LLC
Pathmark 941 Carmans Road Massapequa NY Cedar-Carmans, LLC
Pathmark 167 Bergen Street Newark NJ New Community Manor Urban
A&P 510 Milltown Road North Brunswick NJ Levin Properties, L.P.
Pathmark 399 Route 112 Patchogue NY First RE Investment Trust NJ
Pathmark 8700 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia PA Posel Enterprises
Pathmark 2900 N. Broad St. Philadelphia PA Posel Station Associates
Food Basics 15501 Bustleton Ave. Philadelphia PA Suso 1 County Line LP
A&P 148 Center Grove Road Randolph NJ West 12th Street Owners, Inc.
A&P 668 Central Park Avenue Scarsdale NY Rudeth Realty Company
A&P 459 Route 31 South Washington NJ Washington Shopping Center Inc.
A&P 1938 Union Valley Road West Milford NJ West Milford Shopping Plaza, LLC
Pathmark 1600 St. Georges Avenue Avenel NJ Woodbridge Plaza LLC
A&P 1730 Route 46 West Woodland Park NJ DDRM West Falls Plaza LLC
Pathmark 160 East 125th Street New York NY 160 East 125th Owner, LLC
Waldbaums 2149 Ralph Ave Brooklyn NY Georgetowne Center Brooklyn LLC
Waldbaums 1236 Veterans Highway Hauppauge NY Vets & Spartan, LLC
Pathmark 35 Lackawanna Plaza Montclair NJ Lackawanna SPE LLC


Image source: Wikipedia / Creative Commons


  1. is pathmark in brooklyn that aleigaince took over going to revive the no frills brand?

  2. Whom is going to buy the former Pathmark of Fairless Hills, PA?

  3. The property is actually fenced and b/c there is the lirr nearby the realty company that has it probably wants people off the property. What you say makes sense-hopefully a super market will realize what good business they did before they had to close-it is a great location!

    • yeah it would be nice if something went in there. It would be good for you guys and the employees and management who worked there. In fact it would of been nice if every store was bought and nobody had to lose there job over it. Unfortunately some stores will not become supermarkets and many people were left without jobs. Luckily my store was bought and is now a King kullen. Once happy to be working for Waldbaums now happy to be working for King kullen. With your Waldbaums gone you probably either have to go to lindenhurst King kullen or the stores in west Babylon like the 2 best yets the 2 stop n shops or the shoprite on 109.

    • I actually shop at trader joe’s more often since the waldbaum’s closed. Trader joe would do well in lindenhurst but they seem to be in other areas.

    • It says that the former Waldbaum’s on Hoffman Avenue in Lindenhurst had a “rejected lease” and mentions something about “Hoffman Lindenhurst Grocery LLC”; what does this mean? What will go in this place? Many want this store reopened, preferably with a quality store like a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

    • Does anyone what if anything will be going in the A&P plaza on route 46 Belvidere NJ ? I would be nice if something would go in there instead of just letting the building sit a fall apart.

      • As yet, nothing has been confirmed. An operating entity called Supermarkets Plus has expressed interest in the space, but it’s unlikely that they’ve actually signed a lease. The space is about 36,000 square feet, so it’s smaller than the average ShopRite, Stop & Shop, or Acme. You could try emailing one of the owners of the company, Frank Manzo, at fmanzo@supermarketsplus.com, but I don’t know whether they’d comment on the property. Supermarkets Plus has one operating location, in Elizabeth, NJ.

  4. Thanks Ryan! Our area really needs a replacement store and there’s a lot of support for one!

    • I’ve only been to that store once. I was there because on top of working for King kullen which my store was once Waldbaums I also work as a part time merchandiser for Keebler. Going from store to store and packing out Keebler and Kelloggs products. It seemed like that store was still doing ok despite the mess A&p was in where all there stores were not doing what they once did.

      • I don’t do this a lot but sometimes when I’m
        In the area of a former Waldbaums or Pathmark that remains unsold I drive past it and peak inside to see if any things still in there. If there’s still fixtures, registers, uboats, shelves etc in the building than im lead to believe a supermarket will occupy the space in the near future. If there’s nothing in the building than it will probably most likely not become a supermarket. Do you know off hand if that lindenhurst store is completely empty or does it still have stuff in it like fixtures registers etc?

  5. The Pathmark in Garwood NJ is going to reopen as a Food Emporium.

    • Which apparently didn’t last too long, as it’s not showing on the list of Key Foods (who owns the name now) stores.

      Also apparently similar issues with a former A&P in Edison, NJ which made a reopening under the Superfresh name (also acquired by Key Foods) but is now closed as well.

  6. Whats going to become of Pathmark in North Babylon. This Pathmark was a staple in the community and a large neighborhood depended on this supermarket. Any Insights….anyone?

    • I heard a rumor acme might try to buy it. Also it’s rumored acme is looking at the Waldbaums that used to be in stony brook and if that falls through shoprite will buy the former Waldbaums in stony brook. I worked for the waldbaums in north patchogue which was sold to King kullen and I stayed on board with them. But north Babylon I’m not sure of. That store along with the Holbrook one in sun vet which is also a mall store both have a big sign saying “mall is open” on it. Meaning Pathmark is gone but the mall isn’t. Sun vet Pathmark I heard is being used as some farmers market on Saturday afternoon right now. But the
      North Babylon one I’m really not certain. hopefully some supermarket will move in there.

      • Dix Hills Pathmark is also still in play. All equipment is still in the store except for the shopping carts (they disappeared recently). There use to be some tractor trailers in the back and they are gone too. All shelving, registers, etc… are still in the store and still powered (you can see the credit card machines with the logos lit up. There are minimal lights on in the store for security. According to the owner’s website, store is available for lease.

        Interesting that they have not covered the windows like they did at Greenlawn and Melville Waldbaums.

        Acme would be interesting – given they have no other presence on LI, I would find it a strange business strategy to just bring in 2-3 stores – but stranger things have happened.

  7. Is this Fairway in Lindenhurst?

    • Who made an offer on the former Waldbaum’s on Hoffman Avenue in Lindenhurst and why does it say the lease was rejected?

    • What’s going on with the property on Hoffman Avenue (formerly Waldbaum’s?)

      • Haven’t heard anything on that one. The stony brook Waldbaums which is reported as lease rejected is rumored to become acme and if acme can’t buy it shoprite will look into it. Hopefully lindenhurst will become an acme or even as you mentioned fairway.

        • I live in patchogue and worked for the Waldbaums in north patchogue which is now King kullen and I work there as King kullen now. A lot of nearby stores still have fixtures in them. Haven’t driven past that one yet. Does the lindenhurst store still have fixtures in it or is it completely emptied and gutted?

  8. It was reported on 12/30/15 that the Fairway deal on Ralph Avenue was the third largest retail lease in Brooklyn for the year (after Wegmans and Forever 21). Does this mean there is any hope that the deal is still on or is it a done deal that there will be no Fairway in Bergen Beach? The deal was originally reported prior to the entire bankruptcy as I recall and then the late mention of it being in the top three gave me reason to pause . . .


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  10. What is going on with what was formerly Waldbaum’s in the village of Lindenhurst? It has a great location, right next to a railroad, and there’s a sign that it’s for lease; the parking lot has completely been blocked off from parking yet the area has high commuter traffic surrounding it. Are there any interested buyers? Trader Joe’s, Fairway or Whole Foods would do well there!

    • A&P/Waldbaums rejected the lease, so they basically walked away and left the premises to the landlord. So the landlord is now the one trying to find a new tenant. If there are any updates, we won’t hear about them through the bankruptcy court unfortunately, so the only available information now will come from the leaseholder itself.

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  12. When is The ShopRite in New Hyde Park opening? I hope soon.

  13. there’s a rumor out there that met food backed of both stores in Staten Island is any truth to that?

    • That food did not walk away, there is no met food anymore since White Rose was bought out by a company that probably has more supermarket names than most of you even know about company is called C & S, wholesale grocers located in keen New Hampshire. I believe they own all the A&P store names

  14. Any news on akerman ave pathmark in clifton nj

  15. Just to clarify… it’s said that Food Bazaar is only getting two of the four stores it has bid on, but all four are listed in the charts. Which two are they buying, and which did they not get?

    • Sorry for the confusion, and the delayed response, but here’s the whole chain of events: Food Bazaar initially bid on four stores and won two (the Fairview A&P and Elizabeth Pathmark). It was the backup bidder for the Brooklyn Pathmark, and won that after the winning bidder backed out. And the Brentwood Pathmark was sold to Food Bazaar in a separate individual transaction, after the auctions were conducted. So they initially won two at auction, but so far have bought four in all.

  16. Any word on Manichevitz Family LLC and what they’re doing with the space at 1245 61st in Brooklyn that was a Pathmark? It was the only supermarket in the neighborhood with decent prices.

  17. So most all stores are shut down at this point. Apparently, there is 1 Waldbaums in SI and 2 Pathmarks – one in Brooklyn and 1 in Staten Island still open (according to the store finder on waldbaums and pathmark.com respectively).

    What was your best haul from the stores? Favorite memory of the chain?

    Memory – I worked there in HS and College (1986 – 1993) – had a great time. On the last days of the Melville NY store, I ran into people I worked with back then. It was alot of fun.

    Best haul – last day of PM Dix Hills – all 80% OFF plus and additional 50%. Ice cream 1/2 gallons for 89 cents, books to donate for 50 cents, oaktag for 18 cents.

    Went by the Waldbaums in Greenlawn today and peeked inside. Interesting that all the lights were on, all tech was still there (registers, scales, etc…). Bottle machines, Coin Star all returned to vendors. It was sad. Interesting to see what happens with the new tenants (when they determine who they are)

  18. I’m not sure about the condition of the store or the rent that was being paid.

    It is possible that to get a store in shape the build out will be a lot more then what it’s worth. Customers want to see a new store tat is modernand has everything.

    A second thought is that the monthly rent is too high for a supermarket. In the North Babylon Pathmark shopping center there was a fitness center that closed soon after opening. The rent was killing them. There is a fabric store that is in the process of closing. The few small stores left are in deep trouble because there will be no customers.

    On the bright side if a supermarket gets a GREAT price on the rent and have deep pockets then there is a chance for something to open up. Pathmark had a bankand pharmacy so custoomers came.

  19. They should really put an Asian grocer in the Ralph Ave Brooklyn Store.. The closest Asian grocers are Sheepshead Bay, Graves End area. Also, you don’t hear Jack about Aldi– why haven’t they bought ANY of these stores? Even if they decide to partition and give up some of the footprint for a cheaper lease! It’s DEFINITELY be worth to expand their footprint a LITTLE in NYS!

  20. Pathmark on 8700 Frankford ….. There is no super market for over a mile in either direction . it’s on a prime piece of property with more parking then a small mall . could easily. Be made bigger . lots of older people in community have a hard time now trying to shop . I’m sure price is high because of location and size of. Lot . someone needs to hope on this

  21. What will become of a@p in Marlboro nj off of rt 520 and rt 79..

  22. Thanks for the info. The Lindenhurst store has excellent parking and it’s not just near a main road, it’s ON a main road and next to a LIRR stop. It’s a perfect location for any store and maybe there was no bid b/c the starting price was too high-it was just one auction. Hopefully there will be more interest next time it’s up for bid. The Waldbaum’s always did good business, even after being taken over from a & p…

    • Totally hear you, Larry! I can’t believe people are saying it’s a poor location because it’s “not on a main road” ummm what??? You can see it and get to it easily from Wellwood AND Hoffman, which ARE main roads in Lindy, and being next to the LIRR is excellent for commuters to grab things on the way home. I’d also love to see a Trader Joe’s, which I think people would be so excited to have in the area they’d be coming from towns over no matter where the damn location is!

      • I agree with you Olivia; the 50 E. Hoffman location is perfect for any store and someone should come through the next time it’s up for auction. I hope Trader Joe’s moves on it b/c the south shore customers in Eastern Nassau/Western Suffolk would guarantee it would be successful!

  23. The Croton-on-Hudson store reopened as a Foodtown last week.

  24. What is the latest news about the Waldbaum’s in Lindenhurst (last word was that it’s up for auction but one site said there was “no bid”)? I’ve contacted Trader Joe’s about making an offer and received a essage from TJ’s saying they would investigate it further, as they do with all request. Trader Joe’s, in particular, would do booming business at the site since it is located next to an LIRR stop. What a great location!
    Please advise-thanks as always for keeping the site updated!

    • No news on the Lindenhurst location yet – no one bid on it during the initial round of auctions, so it’s still available for sale. Will update with any news here as soon as there is any!

      • Thanks in advance for any updates. Many people in our area (and commuters too) shop at that particular store and whoever gets it on bid (hopefully another grocer) will be very fortunate to have such a great location, with excellent parking!

    • TJ’s has a 2 year lead time for new stores and does not seem to deviate from that, even when a great location becomes available. There was a grassroots effort to try to get them to bid on a location in Millwood in Westchester County that would have been amazing for them — in a very affluent area (blocks from Chappaqua) and as close to the highway as they’re going to get in this area. They did not bid. The Lindenhurst store must have some sort of problem with it if no one bid on it.

  25. What is the plan for Pathmark – Patchogue, NY on Route 112. Is the store going to be sold, Closed. If closed, what happens fo store building and property. Please advise.

    Thank you

    Al Press (E mail – Jedigraphics@aol.com)

  26. why have we heard nothing about Wegmans coming to Morris County NJ?
    the Parsippany store is huge and very accessible ???

  27. whats happening with the belvidere nj store,is anyone taking it over

  28. The Ocean City, MD Super Fresh at 12741 Ocean Gateway is closing. Signs are up and closing sales are ongoing.

  29. Just heard the pathmark store just sold in staten island on richmond rd did.not go through, the landlord stopped the sale. Is this true?

  30. I would expect that the “going out of business” sales at the remaining stores will start this Friday. Dix Hills Pathmark (not bid upon) had a sign up that they were closing this Thursday at 7pm and would re-open at 9am on Friday with “Storewide sales and savings”

    I would expect that they will be taking down all sale signs (including the ones on the shelf tags). I would think they are also pulling any product that can be returned to a manufacturer / distributor. I would expect that any direct delivery items (think bread/ soda/chips – any items where a vendor brings in product and stocks shelves versus those items delivered by tractor trailer) would stop by Wednesday (if they have not stopped already – like Utz and a few others). They have less than 5 weeks to wrap everything up (they want to be closed before Thanksgiving).

    I would expect the sales will follow the discounts that the 25 stores that closed earlier followed. Weekly circulars are probably done at this point. If you want any Americas Choice items or Living Well items that are currently on clearance – I would get them now. I would expect them to go back to regular price and then follow the department discounts. There are some really good deals on Am Choice Batteries (99 cent for a 4 pack), and lots of Living Well generic drugs are 50% off (though some are only 25%) Note – Milk in NY will NOT be clearanced. Dont know about NJ.

    Hope this helps.

    • no more sales, no more circulars, no more price changes….prices will be reduced by % increasing every week till nothing is left till the 23rd according to the Robe! Milk by state law will NOT be reduced, but eggs are….1% off….BIG SAVINGS!!

  31. Rumors are that Wakefern may not convert every one of the 12 stores purchased into a Shoprite. Some will be Price Rites, some Fresh Grocers a couple will be Shoprite.
    Again, just tumors, but Wakefern is being extremely quiet with their plans. Does anyone have any info…..especially for the PA locations? Most news is for NY/NJ stores, but no one is reporting on the PA Pathmark/A&P stores.

  32. Is it safe to say if Wakefern buys a PathMark that’s a few blocks away from a Shop Rite, they’d sell the PathMark to a non-supermarket business? The Shop Rite near my PathMark is larger and in a better location for their business.

  33. Who purchased the Pathmark at Large St in Philadelphia pa

  34. I’ve read the Boonton NJ store is now on the block to be closed. The article doesn’t coincide with any other announcements and I suspect it may have just been based on a conversation with a store manager. I’m surprised they would move a store that was on the auction-block to closure without even holding the auction. Any other news on this? (source: https://www.tapinto.net/towns/montville/sections/business-and-finance/articles/boonton-a-starting-liquidation )

  35. Hearing K.A.M Food Store that bid on Food Basics on Coyle St in Brooklyn may not be Met Food. It may be Kam Man Foods http://www.kammanfoods.com/123456/en/ a Chinese Supermarket…….Is this true?

  36. Hadtings on Hudson bought by Shanghai Enterprises LLC. Who are they?

    • It appears to be some kind of real estate company – so it’s not clear what they plan to do with the place.

      • Thanks. They also bought one on Long island and I’ve been trying to figure out who they are.

        Rumor on a food board is that Foodtown is taking the Croton-on-Hudson location, but I know that nothing has been announced (maybe today). Ruben Luna, who bought Millwood, owns several Key Food stores but is supposedly looking to open something more upscale at that location (there is already a KF not far away). On a FB group related to that site (related to a now failed attempt to get Trader Joe’s to bid on the location) the town supervisor said that the new owner may be trying to buy the Food Emporium brand and run both Millwood and Bedford (purchased by Key Food) under that banner. We’ll see what happens.

  37. what is going on with the Pathmark at 2730 Arthur kill Road, in Staten Island? the shelves are getting empty and the auction was suppose to happen on the 8th but it never did, is this store going to close? The employees there say the last day is 11/10/15 is this true?

    • No new auction dates have been announced yet, but A&P has 120 days from the date of the bankruptcy filing to find new owners for the stores, otherwise it surrenders the stores to the landlords (it can still choose to keep the leases and keep the stores running, but that seems pretty unlikely now). So, unless they’re sold, a lot of stores are anticipating early-to-mid-November closing dates, giving them just enough time to clear out before the 120 days are up.

  38. Pathmark in North Babylon NY is starting to look like a ghost town. The shelves are looking pretty empty. The bread section is very empty on a regular basis.

    A lot of their customers use benifit cards so there aren’t going to be very many potential bidders. This is the store where where a rape took place and all types of other crimes.

    Some of the store employees believe that the store will be purchased by S&S or one of the other big boys. Maybe they know something that we don’t know, but I wouldn’t go out and purchase a new car if you know what I mean.
    On the plus side, their is a bank & pharmacy that seems to do aa brisk business.

  39. You have the Pathmark in Glenolden, Pa listed in 2 categories. First it’s listed in “Sold to Wakefern”, then further down listed as “No information announced”. Can you clarify?

  40. How come there is never any mention of the non-food warehouse in Edison that A&P owns?

  41. I wish someone from Shop Rite would buy the Lake Hopatcong Path Mark,
    I would be there every day.

  42. What does fate undetermined mean?

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  44. What happened to waldbaums store 296 in brooklyn
    It just finished. It’s not any list. Originally was going to key food but they only bought 16 of the 17 stores. So why did it just disappear

    • Sorry it fell off the lists somehow – after Key Food dropped its offer, the New Utrecht store was meant to be auctioned on Oct. 1st but it didn’t sell. It hasn’t reappeared on any lists of stores to be sold yet, so it’s been moved to the “fate undetermined” list for now.

  45. The Walbaums in Lindenhurst NY was going to be auction off today I see they are not any idea why ? Is this a good sign or not? Very worried about my brother and his 25 + years there? Any help would help Thank you

  46. who is there manichevitz family llc? they just won bids on 2 prime locations in brooklyn. how do we find out their plans?

  47. Any info on how to bid on these store or who to talk about them

  48. Now I see Fransula Foods listed as a buyer for Waldbaums on Ocean Ave in Brooklyn. Same question- Who is Fransula Foods? Never heard of them either. Thanks

  49. Waldbaums on Ocean Ave Brooklyn sold to Food Partners? Who is Food Partners? I have never heard of them. Thanks

  50. There was a note on the Local 338 website that they expect the Carle Place, Riverhead and other (oceanside, I think), Waldbuams to be done on 10/18. Based on what I saw in the Huntington one (sold to S&S), I would think their date will be the same or sooner.

    I would think that the other 23 stores will close on the same day (those that are officially being closed) and maybe the others that have been sold to S&S and Acme that are in “store closing” mode. Might find some better discounts.

    For Huntington, most was 10%, some 20%. Stationary was 50%, HB&A was 20-50 (with 50% being vitamins, Living Well items, and hair color). Some 30%.

  51. So am I my brother has been working there for over 25 years

  52. Wish Shop Rite or someone would step in and save the Pathmark of East Rockaway location. The Pharmacy there is second to none as are the three devout health practicioners who staff it.

  53. Nervously anticipating what is to become of the Waldbaum’s of Lindenhurst. I truly hope it will remain a grocery store, and one of quality. Keeping my eye on this page. Thank you for keeping us up to date!

  54. So sad for all but especially for Pathmark!!! Bought stores to only DESTROY them!! What was A&P thinking besides how to give their corporate people
    a big old bonus!! Feel sorry for them, Karma …never fails!!

    • Pathmark would have been out of business 5 years ago if A&P had not stepped in and paid the bills. I am not sure how the Pathmark group does not see that. It is the Pathmark people who brought in the Sam Martin team.

      • So true, I don’t understand how people are saying it’s A&P fault when we should have never purchased Pathmarks to begin with and have their executives run the company???

        • The bottom line is A&P never evolved with their customer base. Their produce was awful. I wouldn’t touch anything from their fish department. Most of the rest of their products had 100,000 year shelf lives. Man does not live by chips and soda and HotPockets alone. Women may only need chocolate but that’s another story. America’s Choice was no choice at all. Maybe that’s why the first thing they did was put it all on clearance sale? I mostly go to Kings now. Probably a little more expensive but tons more choices on the shelves. A&P had it coming to them and it’s THEIR fault. I also have a newly expanded ShopRite close by but their parking lot is a nightmare. One thing for sure, no tears are being shed at Kings, ShopRite or Stop ‘n Shop. Give the dead their peace.

        • pathmark executives DID NOT run this company…..a&p brought pathmark to wipe them out but they grew too fast and did NOT know how to run that amount of volume! THEY WIPED THEMSELVES OUT! Let alone they are giving themselves millions in bonus money that should have been used to pay their bills!

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  56. So sad to see A&P closing. There use to be quite a few in Michigan where I grew up & remember when me & my mom would go there. I don’t know of any left in the state of Michigan either.

    • Nope, they left there a few years ago, after buying out the Farmer Jack’s chain and converting all the store to that name.
      There are (apparently) still a number of former Farmer Jack/A&P sites vacant out there.

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