Your dog should be chewing dog biscuits – not shoes, books or furniture. So the next time your dog chews on the latter, Milk-Bone wants to give you a coupon for the former.

“From shoes to couch cushions, kid’s toys to TV remotes, dog owners across the country have seen their share of nibbled or gnawed household items,” Milk-Bone explains. “Fido’s ferocious chomping generally leaves these items unusable and worthless, but a new program from Milk-Bone is turning them into their favorite treat.”

Chewpons” is a new social media promotion, running now through May 11th, in which the dog biscuit company is offering a coupon for $2.50 off any Milk-Bone product in exchange for photos of items that owners’ dogs have chewed up. The idea is to encourage the purchase of products that dogs should be chewing on.

The catch is that the promotion is only happening in Canada for now. So American dog owners still have to pay full price for their dog treats.


“Chewpons are a great way to take the sting out of finding another chewed thing and turn it into something that your dog will love,” said Adam Zitney, vice-president of marketing for Milk-Bone parent company Smucker Foods Canada.

“Ask any dog parent and they’ll tell you about that time their dog chewed something that they’ll never forget,” added Lisa Greenberg, Co-Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett, the agency that developed the campaign. “That thing that got chewed, now they can put it to good use and turn it into something their dog will love.”

The coupon promotion is an extension of an award-winning ad campaign that Leo Burnett created for Milk-Bone Canada in 2020. A multi-page spread, designed to look like an IKEA ad, pictured a room full of furniture, decor and other household items with price tags attached – $25 for a throw pillow, $151 for a rug, $219 for a nightstand. “You choose what they chew,” the ad’s tagline read, suggesting that your dog could either chew up some pricey home furnishings, or an inexpensive dog biscuit – your choice.

Dog owners can share their photos with Milk-Bone via its Facebook or newly-launched Instagram pages. The best user-submitted photos will be shared there as well.

“The contest is underway now, so dog owners should get photographing,” Milk-Bone says. “Unless the dog found your camera.”

And if your pet’s bad behavior can help you earn a coupon, that just might be a fair tradeoff. Good dog!


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