According to a new survey from Consumer Reports that ranks 62 of the country's top grocery chains, these 16 are at the very bottom of the list.

We've flipped the list on its head, to rank the stores from the bottom up. So, in order from bad to worst, here are the stores that more than 50,000 respondents said they were least impressed with, and why - with some help from the wonderfully snarky and brutally honest reviewers on

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13. Price Chopper

Price Chopper is in the midst of a years-long effort to transform its Northeastern stores into the more upscale Market 32.

And shoppers seem to like the new stores much better than the old ones.

“Staff are unfriendly, look half asleep, and yell at each other,” one Price Chopper reviewer writes. Both Consumer Reports readers and Yelp reviewers complain about the stores’ appearance. “It’s one of those places when you walk in, you don’t feel clean anymore,” a reviewer writes.

Another shopper doesn’t mince words: “This is the absolute WORST grocery store I’ve ever come across. Unmotivated employees, spoiled meat, rotten produce – how does this place even pass inspection?!”

So far, out of more than 130 Price Chopper stores, only 14 have been converted to Market 32. They’d better pick up the pace if they want to get off this list.

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13. Price Chopper

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