As expected, the RetailMeNot Everyday coupon inserts will be renamed in the coming weeks, now that parent company Vericast doesn’t own RetailMeNot anymore. But rather than returning to the earlier RedPlum name, the company is reaching further into its past to resurrect and refresh an even earlier brand name.

Vericast, the parent company of insert publisher Valassis, has announced that the RetailMeNot Everyday insert will be rebranded effective February 24th. Its new name? The short, simple, direct and to-the-point “Save.”

“We are excited about the launch of Save, as it is such an important and valuable way for brands to connect with consumers and showcase new products and offers,” Vericast Senior Vice President of Marketing Carrie Parker said in a statement.

Vericast also plans to relaunch the website Save.com, which “will include the Coupon Book Finder (highlighting where consumers can find their FSI based on their address), Direct Mail Preferences (where consumers can opt-out of receiving our direct mail package), links to our social media accounts, consumer-focused FAQs, and our Privacy Policy, as well as an email form to join our mailing list and be notified when new and exciting campaigns or offers are available,” Parker told Coupons in the News. “The team is currently investigating additional functionality and valuable content for consumers that we will add in the future.”

The name change became a necessity after Vericast sold the online coupon code site RetailMeNot last fall. It had acquired the company just a few years before, and retired its decade-old RedPlum brand in favor of the more synergistic name RetailMeNot Everyday. But the sale of RetailMeNot left the company in the awkward position of publishing and distributing coupon inserts named after someone else’s brand.


So the company turned to a name it already owned, the dormant but perfectly practicable Save.

Save.com has been around in one form or another, off and on, for more than two decades. It launched way back in 1999 as Valassis’ first foray into printable coupons. But Valassis pulled the plug a couple of years later, saying there simply wasn’t enough interest at the time from advertisers. Valassis retained the domain name, however, eventually reintroducing printable coupons to the site when it launched its new RedPlum brand in 2008. The company re-reintroduced Save.com as a coupon code site in 2010, then re-re-reintroduced Save.com as a printable coupon destination once again, going so far as to redirect all of its RedPlum.com traffic to the site – only to reverse the move less than a year later, after which Save.com went dormant yet again.

Now that RedPlum and RetailMeNot Everyday have been retired, Save.com has been re-re-re-reintroduced (give or take a “re-” or two) as the new home for the company’s coupon business. Vericast stopped offering printable and digital coupons under the RedPlum name last year, and coupon codes now reside on the main RetailMeNot site, run by its new owners. So “Save.com will not feature offers or coupons” upon its launch, Parker said. But the website is teasing “new and exciting online offers coming soon.”

To help introduce the new Save branding, the last couple of RetailMeNot Everyday inserts will highlight the upcoming change on the front pages of the February 14th and 21st editions, with the following week’s edition featuring the brand new look.

Vericast is using the occasion of the coupon insert rebrand to issue a vote of confidence in the format, which some have argued is declining in reach and importance. But Vericast says its inserts reach more than 75 million households, and its research shows that 85% of recipients read them. “The launch of this new brand delivers the opportunity for discovery and deals, especially in economically trying times,” the company said.

According to its 2021 insert schedule, RetailMeNot Everyday, aka Save, will publish on 43 weeks out of the year, in addition to distributing occasional Unilever Super Saver inserts. That schedule is expected to remain as is. So change isn’t always welcome, but in this case, there’s no reason to worry. The savings will keep on coming – no matter the name on the front of the insert.


  1. Hello, How do I unsubscribe or stop receiving the SAVE weekly ads and grocery store inserts that come to my mailbox. I do not want these and consider them a waste of resources. Please advise.

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